Gotham Knights, now next-gen only, showcases gameplay with Nightwing on a glider and more

Gotham Knights is now coming only to current-gen consoles (Image by WB Games)
Gotham Knights is now coming only to current-gen consoles (Image by WB Games)

Gotham Knights, the upcoming superhero title featuring the extended roster of Batman, has debuted a new trailer featuring Nightwing and Redhood. The title has also confirmed rumors of it being released only on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 for consoles.

Both WB Montreal's Gotham Knights and Rocksteady's upcoming Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League builds upon the success of the Barman Arkham series and aims to evolve the series in a new direction.

While, unlike Suicide Squad, Gotham Knights isn't a sequel to the Arkham series, it retains familiar gameplay mechanics and narrative style.


Nightwing has a glider, while Redhood can jump in the air with mystic power

While fans hoped to revisit Gotham Knights and learn more about the game before its release during the upcoming Summer Game Fest 2022, WB Montreal brought the treat early.

Today, WB Games showcased a newly extended gameplay snippet featuring two former Robins, Dick "Nightwing" Grayson and Jason "Redhood" Todd.

The gameplay kicked off with Nightwing and Redhood tackling a group of thugs on top of a Gotham skyscraper. The starting scene reiterated the co-op feature and showcased the different fight styles of the characters, Nightwing's acrobatic style with the twin escrima sticks and Redhood's brawler esque blending in duel pistols.

WB Montreal, the developers behind Gotham Knights, previously developed Arkham Origins, a prequel to the Arkham series, as well as multiple story expansions for Rocksteady's Arkham Knight.

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While this game is in many ways an evolution of the iconic Arkham series, this gameplay snippet perfectly showcases how they are evolving the familiar gameplay tropes and are moving away from Batman, both narratively and mechanically.

Each of the four playable characters, Batgirl, Nightwing, Redhood, and Red Robin, has a different skill tree with different abilities.

Their transportation methods are also quite different. For instance, while Nightwing gets a glider, Redhood receives the ability to jump and travel mid-air using mystic abilities. The gameplay also showcased several combat encounters ranging from regular thugs to Court of Owl members to superhuman Talon.

All in all, Gotham Knights seems like a fun game that aims to evolve the familiar Arkham gameplay in a new direction while focusing on the bat family beyond Batman.

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Gotham Knights is now coming only to current-gen consoles, Xbox Series X|S and PS5

One of the most interesting development to Gotham Knights mentioned in the extended gameplay is beyond the game. While the title was originally unveiled for PS4 and Xbox One alongside PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, it seems like last-gen console versions have been scrapped.

As rumored previously, the game will now launch exclusively on the Xbox Series X|S and PS5, alongside Windows PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

Going 'next-gen only' will certainly allow the developers to harness the full power of the latest generation consoles and not be held back by almost a decade-old aging hardware. However, it also means that the game will be leaving behind a substantial playerbase.

Due to the ongoing chip shortage, many fans have failed to secure a latest-generation console. As such, most of the player base will undoubtedly opt for the PC version.

They don’t always see eye to eye, but Nightwing and Red Hood can agree on one thing — protect Gotham at all costs. #GothamKnightsWatch the full Gameplay Demo on YouTube here:

However, going by WB Games and Arkham series' track record. There might be a cause for concern. While Arkham Knight was an amazing title on Xbox One and PS4, showcasing a mesmerizing rain-soaked, neon-lit Gotham city. On PC, it was abysmal.

The post was outsourced and developed by a team of inexperienced developers who rushed to maintain the simultaneous launch window. The game not only featured a lot of bugs, but it was unplayable, causing WB Games to pull the title from Steam and offer a refund.

Later patches fixed the issue, and now the title is quite beautiful on PC. Hopefully, WB Games is paying attention to Gotham Knights PC port, as with the title going next-gen only. A lot depends on all of its platform versions.

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