Gotham Knights - Official release date, expected gameplay, and more

Gotham Knights is coming later this year, bringing the Bat-Family to modern consoles (Image via Warner Bros. Games Montreal)
Gotham Knights is coming later this year, bringing the Bat-Family to modern consoles (Image via Warner Bros. Games Montreal)

Gotham Knights finally has some more information about its impending release, thanks to a post on Twitter. It’s been confirmed that the upcoming Bat-Family game will launch in October 2022, and there is a possibility of it showing up in today’s PlayStation “State of Play” presentation.

It’s almost time for fans of the extended Bat-Family to suit up and get ready for the battle to save Gotham City from the seedy underworld that populates it.

Gotham will always need its heroes. Suit up for an all-new adventure on 10.25.22. #GothamKnights

When is Gotham Knights releasing in 2022?


According to the official Gotham Knights Twitter, the game will debut on October 25, 2022. There is still a distinct lack of information about the game on official channels, so it could very well show up during the March “State of Play.”

While the primary focus is on Japanese publishers, it has also been said that other global developers will be featured, so this would be an excellent time to reveal information on Warner Bros. Games Montreal’s upcoming title.

What can fans expect in Gotham Knights?

The upcoming DC co-op game will star Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl and Robin, who will all be playable in the upcoming game. Unfortunately, Batman will not be playable, but the Bat-Family will more than bring the pain to the criminals of Gotham.

Some of the villains have been shown in previous trailers, such as the Court of Owls, as well as familiar faces like Penguin and Mr. Freeze. Though in the trailer, the Penguin was not shown as a villain, so there’s no telling how that will play out.


Most of the content revealed so far has been based around the threat of the Court of Owls, and fans are also aware that Batman is “dead,” but that may be a ruse. With the Dark Knight out of the picture, it’s going to be up to players to control the Bat-Family in this open-world action RPG.

While it has four playable characters, it is not a four-player game, but two players can tackle the game together. Fans of Arkham games will probably find the characters familiar, as the cast of characters were playable in previous Arkham games. That said, the game is not supposed to be a part of the overall Arkhamverse.

Who's really pulling the strings in Gotham City? Beware the Court. #GothamKnights #CourtOfOwls

It’s going to be an exciting autumn for Batman fans, though, as the Gotham Knights game is confirmed for an October 25, 2022 release date on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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