Gotham Knights' multiplayer might have been expanded to 4 player co-op, according to leaks

There has been a possible change of co-op plans for the game (Image via Warner Bros. Interactive)
There has been a possible change of co-op plans for the game (Image via Warner Bros. Interactive)

Gotham Knights is an upcoming superhero game that has generated significant hype among players. It has been in development by WB Games Montreal for some time.

There have been speculations about a delay, but the developers have confirmed the official dates, and it will release in 2022 end. Following a leak by a PlayStation user, it has appeared that the title might support a 4-player co-op upon release.

Gotham Knights is built in the Batman universe but follows a timeline where the Caped Crusader is dead. The game focuses on four members associated with the bat family, whom users can control and develop as they go along with their adventures.

Moreover, the latest reveal will come as a surprise, as the information has been quite different so far.

Recent PlayStation Store leak reveals possibility for Gotham Knights to have four-player co-op

There has been a healthy amount of information that the developers have handed out about Gotham Knights. The game will let gamers control one of the following four characters — Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing, and Robin.

They have the chance to enjoy the title alone or in the co-op mode. Coming to the leak, the snap posted by Reddit user u/Suspicioustension19 showed that the PS store shows "4 network players" and supports similar figures with PS Plus.

(Update) Gotham Knights link to Playstation Store• Supports up to 4 online• 4 network playersReleasing on October 25thPlaystation…

Based on the information revealed so far, this will be quite a change, as the title was supposed to have a 2-player co-op. The system isn't quite common in the gaming industry, but some felt it had to do with the core game design.

Expected in 2021, @GothamKnights brings 2-player co-op to the DC Batman Universe. Who will you be playing as?

It's hard to judge exactly what the store description of the game means. If analyzed at face value, it will hint that the original plans have been changed. It won't be improbable since the title's release has been pushed back in the past because more work is required.

Gotham Knights' description on the PlayStation Store is open for interpretation. It should be noted that the developers haven't officially informed anything, and hence, it will be interesting to see what it will ultimately be.

Players will be able to control any of the four characters mentioned above. They can also grow them using experience points, and there might be a case for developing particular builds.


While gameplay reveal has been limited, it's expected that there will be a stress on stealth, along with action. This is one central point that many users felt would be the reason for a two-player co-op system. It remains to be seen which approach will ultimately be incorporated into the game.

Another angle that remains to be explored will be how the multiplayer part will be executed. While it hasn't been announced yet, there is a high chance that two of the same characters or more won't be allowed in a squad.

As things stand, Gotham Knights is scheduled to release on October 25.

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