Why Sigma is secretly Overwatch 2’s most underrated hero

Sigma from Overwatch 2(image via wallpaperden)
Sigma from Overwatch 2 (Image via Wallpaperden)

Overwatch 2 has changed the classic Overwatch team composition from 6v6 to 5v5. With the removal of a secondary tank, tanks have become a challenging role to play. They require a sturdy yet adaptable playstyle, but if you understand how to play your role as a tank, you can switch to any of the champions without much hesitation.

The exception to these rules is Overwatch 2’s Sigma, potentially one of the strongest heroes on any team in the right hands. This guide will cover why Sigma is secretly Overwatch 2’s most underrated hero with the capability to shift the entire match.

Sigma's learning curve is worth it for a number of reasons

The best defence is a good offense

Sigma’s Hypersphere is one of the highest damage-intensive left-click abilities in the game, providing heavy direct hit damage of 55 as well as bonus splash damage of 9-30 and two projectiles per burst, which puts most heroes down to half their health on a direct hit.

The drawback, however, is the low projectile speed, which forces you to predict the enemy hero’s movements rather than firing at the position you last saw them.It also bounces off walls at close enough range, making them effective in close-quarter fights.

Cannot hurt a blackhole

Kinetic Grasp, Sigma’s LSHIFT, allows him to summon a blackhole that absorbs all incoming damage and convert it into a shield, even blocking certain projectile-based ultimates. The more damage he takes during the time Kinetic Grasp is active, the more damage his shield can withstand when activated. 60 percent of the total damage goes to the shields.

Throwing rocks works

Sigma’s E ability activates Accretion, which gathers debris and hurls it at enemies to knock them down. This inflicts heavy damage with knockback as well as splash damage, and ignores certain defensive abilities like D.Va’s Defense Matrix. It is a reliable control ability for situations where enemies charge aggressively, or to knock them over maps.

Gravitational destruction

Sigma’s Q or ultimate, Gravitic Flux, unleashes his full powers. Sigma takes flight, lifts enemies in a targeted area, and launches them into the sky before slamming them back down. This is one of the best crowd control abilities in Overwatch 2, and throughout its duration, enemies are vulnerable to any other form of damage.


How to use Sigma to his maximum potential in Overwatch 2

Sigma has very low mobility and no remarkable armor or healing abilities, which might not sound enticing as a tank, but his combination of Kinetic Grasp more than makes up for it. Using his basic shoot/Hypersphere is challenging as it feels more like a skill shoot than a regular gun. Although this certainly comes with a learning curve, it is just as satisfying to master as it is difficult.

Having a powerful crowd control ultimate along with a shield that can be placed, activated, and deactivated on command makes for one of the most challenging playstyles. But there are a few things in Overwatch 2 more frustrating to deal with than a player who knows how to play Sigma. His ability to deal out massive damage numbers makes him a very offensive tank who could easily turn fights in his favor. This is one underrated hero you would not regret investing your time in.

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