Why does Twitch Streamer "Sykkuno" cover his mouth when laughing?

Image via kathleen, Twitter
Image via kathleen, Twitter
Rishabh B.

Recently, Twitch streamer/YouTuber Sykkuno revealed the reason why he covers his mouth when he laughs.

Quite a few of Sykkuno’s fans in the past have taken to the internet to find out the reason behind a habit that Sykkuno has displayed right from the beginning of his streaming career. Most of his regular viewers would have noticed that the streamer covers his mouth using his hand each time he laughs.

While quite a few different reasons have been cited over time, Sykkuno has actually revealed the reason himself.

Revealed: The reason why Twitch streamer Sykkuno covers his mouth while laughing

Sykkuno is basically a League of Legends streamer who has recently been playing quite a few other games. These include Minecraft, Among Us, and Valorant. According to Twitch Tracker, around 9% of his streams are of the “Just Chatting” genre.

Apparently, in the past, people used to make fun of Sykkuno’s smile, which, in turn, made “covering his mouth while laughing” a habit that he follows even when he streams.

Regardless, Sykkuno has, over time, garnered a reputation of being one of the nicest streamers around. The streamer often spends a lot of time engaging with his viewers, and his increased recent exposure due to the Among Us streams has led to his consistent growth on various platforms.

Currently, Sykkuno has around 2 million followers on Twitch, along with a further 2.09 million subscribers on YouTube. As already mentioned, fans have in the past often speculated on the reason why he covers his mouth while laughing.

Fans had stated that he is insecure about the “straightness of his teeth” and had even talked about a Chinese practice of “blackening their teeth” called “Ohaguro.”

Image via r/Sykkuno, Reddit
Image via r/Sykkuno, Reddit

However, recent Reddit posts state that the reason he covers his face while laughing is comprehensively simpler than an ancient Chinese tradition.

Sykkuno revealed in a stream that he covers his mouth as people made fun of his smile in the past. This, in turn, made covering his mouth with his hand a habit that he still hasn’t shaken off.

While quite a few viewers have never had a look at him smiling without his mouth covered, some Reddit viewers claimed that his smile is beautiful and want him to overcome the habit.

Regardless, Sykkuno has actually been caught off guard and smiled without covering his mouth a couple of times in the past. His “beautiful smile” can be seen in the video linked above.

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