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WWE 2K20: 5 Superstars who should be rated 90+

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18 Jun 2019, 05:48 IST

The guy got a Showcase mode based on him, for crying out loud...
The guy got a Showcase mode based on him, for crying out loud...

The WWE 2K games have always presented themselves very similarly to other sports titles. And they should - at their heart, they're competitive games they play like sports titles, even if they product they're based on is a performance (that's not a knock on it, by the way - we're Sportskeeda. You know we love this stuff).

So, it makes sense that each wrestler in the game, like athletes in any other game, has a rating based on their skill in the ring.

Now, in the world of pro wrestling, "skill" takes on two different meanings: first, there's "skill" when it comes to putting on a show.

There's plenty of terminology to throw around that we don't get into, but it involves making things look real, protecting themselves and their opponents, making their opponent's moves look good - things like that. This is not what we're talking about here.

Instead, we're discussing "skill" as it is presented in the world that WWE presents on their programming (or, in wrestling terminology, "kayfabe").

In the world of WWE, just how powerful, how fast, how vicious, and how skilled is each competitor. That's what we want to look at here.

Today we have a list of five wrestlers that, based on how they're presented on WWE programming, should - and will most likely - be given a rating of 90 or over.

Since this is a list of five, and there's a ton of wrestlers currently in WWE (and that doesn't even include those in NXT), there's going to be plenty not on this list. Some wrestlers are just too obvious to name: that's why you won't see Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar on here - of course they're going to be ranked 90 and over. Are you kidding?

Our goal? Well, mostly to have fun - lists are fun, guys, let's be honest. Also, we're interested in starting a discussion. So, be sure to list your own ideas and opinions below in the comments.


Cool? Let's get started - oh, and these are in no particular order.

#5 Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins

The current WWE Universal Champion, Seth Rollins has been in the main event scene pretty consistently following his turning on his Shield teammates five years ago. The company clearly sees him as a big part of their future and he's been a very reliable performer for years. But, how is he presented as a wrestler on the actual product?

Looking at him from that angle, Rollins is presented as both highly technically skilled, as well as cunning and tactical.

His nickname, "The Architect", comes from his early Shield days when he was presented as the mastermind who came up with the idea for the group. That could translate in WWE 2K20 as being very skilled at both reversals and promos.

WWE also frequently makes mention of his cardiovascular fitness - while WWE never calls this him on air, fans have dubbed him "Crossfit Jesus" because of his love of the popular but grueling workout method (and he also, you know, looks like Jesus). That can translate into the game as a high stamina level.

Finally, many of his wrestling moves are presented as extremely effective - especially his finisher, the Stomp - a running downward stomp onto an opponent's head. This can add plenty to his overall score.

So, yeah, all of that, plus considering he beat Brock Lesnar at the last WrestleMania, and you can count of Rollins to have a rating of at least 90 later this year.

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