WWE 2K23 reveals John Cena as cover athlete - Release date, platforms, and more

John Cena will be this year
John Cena will be this year's cover star (Image via 2K)

With WWE 2K23 coming soon, John Cena has been confirmed as the cover athlete for this year's version. This will delight many wrestling fans in the community, as it also marks the countdown for the game's release.

2K Sports will have to manage expectations pragmatically, as the demand from players will be high. 2K22 was a largely successful release that rekindled the interest of hardcore fans and allowed the franchise to make a strong comeback. Players expect things to improve, and the early signs are positive.

Along with cover athletes, players have also given out release dates. Some of the key features present in WWE 2K23 have also been mentioned. Overall, the early impressions are positive, and it isn't just about John Cena's cover selection. The trailer, revealed earlier in the evening, introduced some key features that will be present in the game this year.

WWE 2K23 players will be able to play as John Cena and many licensed stars from entertainment industry

A core strength of the franchise has been the realism, as players feel the thrill of what goes on inside the ring. While WWE 2K22 has seen a successful launch, many have been waiting to find out what's next. There were some rumors earlier, but John Cena is officially the cover star of this year's game.


Cena will be joined by all his compatriots from the WWE universe, and players will be able to try them out starting March 17. Three days of early access will likely be available with the game's Premium Edition. All editions will feature John Cena as the cover star, irrespective of differences in price and features.

2K seems to have built on the successful formula of the last release, which saw the franchise coming back strong. All the favorite game modes will be present, with something new. The Wargames mode comes directly from real-life events and will offer something interesting for fans. It is to be seen if the mode replicates how it works in real life or provides something different.

The 2K Showcase will be another interesting game mode that could see WWE 2K23 players invested in. It will essentially put players in the shoes of John Cena, where he meets his competitors. A narrative by Cena will feature and transition between gameplay and action scenes.


All existing game modes have been given some important upgrades for WWE 2K23, some of which have been requested by fans. For example, there will be more GMs in the MyGM mode, and the online mode will see several factions. More gameplay will be revealed as the release date draws closer.

WWE 2K23 will be released across all major platforms, including the current-gen consoles of PlayStation and Xbox. The game will be available for pre-order soon and could offer bonuses to those who decide to purchase it before its release.

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