Xbox Cloud Gaming is letting Microsoft ignore hardware limitation and live up to the "Play Anywhere" mentality

Image via Xbox
Image via Xbox

xCloud is letting Microsoft bring the latest games to its older generation of consoles.

Xbox is bringing upcoming games to the older generation Xbox One consoles via the cloud gaming platform of xCloud.

Over the last few years, Xbox has put forward a “Play Anywhere” mentality into effect. From bringing all games to PC on Steam alongside Microsoft Store to bringing games Day 1 on Game Pass subscription service, Xbox has been proactive in providing multiple options to enjoy the games.


Project xCloud, Xbox’s cloud gaming platform included with Game Pass Ultimate, takes the “Play Anywhere” mentality beyond hardware limitations. With xCloud, Xbox has brought games to mobile phones and PCs, with plans of expanding into TV, irrespective of hardware limitations.

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Xbox Cloud Gaming is bringing the latest games to the Xbox One

At the very start of this generation, Xbox promised to support the Xbox One alongside the Xbox Series X|S. The message firmly set them apart from their competitor PlayStation and brought in criticism for holding the generation back.

While the criticism of holding the generation back may seem true based purely on hardware specifications, there is quite a large difference between the quality, resolution, and overall visual environments targeted by both generations of consoles.

In an Xbox Wire post regarding the Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase, Xbox mentioned that they will be bringing games such as Flight Simulator and Starfield to the Xbox One using xCloud.

XCloud has previously brought games to be played on the mobile platform, using an app for Android and a browser for iOS. It is currently being tested on PCs with plans to expand to Smart TVs and streaming sticks.

Bringing the xCloud to the Xbox One generation will ensure long-term support as well as making sure no game is held back due to hardware limitations.

The Value of Game Pass

Game Pass, a subscription-based service launched by Xbox, has become the defacto subscription model. It brings many notable game series to both PC as well as Consoles. It also brings a select few titles to the mobile platform through xCloud.

Xbox is also bringing all of its titles, including future titles, onto a Game Pass on Day 1. With the value it offers players, Xbox Game Pass has severely altered the business model.

While PlayStation is increasing the prices of individual games, Xbox is firmly setting the standard for a consumer friendly business model. Just pay a monthly fee, and play the games on launch date on any system.

Cloud gaming and subscription models can be the casual gaming option to replace the current console playerbase.

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