xQc banned from Twitch for the 5th time

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Image via Sportskeeda
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Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel finds himself in the news again after being banned on the platform earlier today.

xQc has been going through a difficult period for a while. After his constant troubles on NoPixel’s GTA RP server led to multiple permanent bans, the streamer recently parted ways with his long-term girlfriend and roommate Sam “Adeptthebest.”

On July 29, the streamer was suspended on Twitch for five hours after allegedly live-streaming the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Now, in what is his fifth overall suspension, xQc has been banned on Twitch. However, the reason behind this step is still up in the air.


xQc gets banned on Twitch for the 5th time for unknown reason

This is xQc’s second ban of 2021, with all three of his previous ones coming due to him broadcasting explicit content. For more information about xQc’s ban history and overall duration of these suspensions, the following link can be explored.

On July 29, the streamer had allegedly live-streamed an event from the 2021 Tokyo Olympics on Twitch. He was banned for five hours despite other content creators receiving harsher suspensions for similar infringements.

xQc himself had posted about the suspension on Twitter and pondered the reason, as can be seen below.

At this time, however, the reason behind the ban has not been revealed by either Twitch or the streamer himself. The ban was imposed just hours ago, at the time of writing the article, with StreamerBans initially reporting on the matter.

As is often the case, xQc himself is expected to talk more about the suspension while also revealing the reason behind it.

While fans are bound to be worried, xQc is not expected to be suspended for a long period of time. He is a permanent fixture on the list of the most successful Twitch streamers, and was recently said to account for over 1% of the total traffic on the platform.

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