xQc calls Pokimane "biased" after hearing her views on how gambling websites pay streamers

xQc reacting to Pokimane (Image via xQc/Twitch)
xQc reacting to Pokimane (Image via xQc/Twitch)

The gambling drama on Twitch has only intensified after xQc, Trainwrecks and others went on the h3h3Productions podcast, and several other streamers reacted to it. Trainwrecks admitted during the podcast that he got a fat paycheck of $1 million to stream for gambling websites, and that stirred a massive debate in the streaming community.

The streaming community was divided on the issue, with the likes of xQc and Trainwrecks defending gambling streams on Twitch and those, including Pokimane, calling such streamers out. xQc also compared gambling to other questionable activities, such as drinking and smoking on stream, in order to justify the practice.

When Pokimane heard how much money gambling websites were shelling out on streamers, she accused them of making their fans lose money to cut their own paychecks. Naturally, this did not go down well with xQc, who called her out during a recent stream after listening to her reaction.

"This is biased. This is very biased. I actually wish we approach these topics with the mentality of the evidence of one side and not the other instead of assuming one side and moving on to the other."

xQc calls Pokimane out for her "biased" assumptions

Trainwrecks only admitted how much money he is making from gambling websites and never commented on how these websites make money. Therefore, it was Pokimane's assumption that the concerned streamers are making their fans lose money.

All the streamers have often said that they actively discourage their audience from gambling and put multiple disclaimers on their videos and streams while gambling. In short, they take enough precautions to ensure they are not making their audience lose money.

Therefore, according to xQc, Pokimane, or anyone alleging that streamers gambling on Twitch are harming their fans, is biased. Trainwrecks also tweeted something similar, asking critics to do some research and be more informed before judging others.

It seems like gambling on Twitch is going to be a controversial issue for a long time before the streaming platform takes an official stand on the issue.

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