xQc is left speechless on finding a certain object in Cyberpunk 2077 

Image via xQc/ Twitch
Image via xQc/ Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel was recently stunned into silence, upon finding a rather "unique" object in Cyberpunk 2077, i.e a studded dil*o.

The 25-year old streamer became one of the first high-profile streamers in the world to get his hand on Cyberpunk 2077 before the rest of the world.

So far, his streams have certainly been living upto the hype, courtesy of several priceless glitches and interactions with NPC's.

In another clip which has gone viral online, xQc can be seen coming across a unique looking object, which he picks up and adds to his inventory.

However, on closer glance, he realises what it actually is and hilariously attempts to make sense of it.

Cyberpunk 2077 inventory leaves xQc stunned


After multiple delays and the entire crunch fiasco, CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 has finally had a worldwide release, amid extensive fanfare.

The dystopian RPG has been one of the most anticipated games of the last decade and has already set the streaming charts on fire, simultaneously being able to set the cash registers ringing, with a whopping 8 million pre-orders in sales.

From including revolutionary character customization features to bringing on board Hollywood superstar Keanu Reeves as Johnny Silverhand, the makers of the game have certainly gone all out to provide a never-before seen visual experience.

Despite the immense hype, the initial response to the game has been blighted by the presence of numerous bugs in-game, which has resulted in a slew of hilarious glitches.

From casual players to top streamers such as Shroud, Pokimane and PewDiePie, no one seems to be safe from the Cyberpunk 2077 glitch menace.

Even xQc himself, has been subjected to a plethora of hilarious experiences, which rage from bizarre to rib-tickling.

In the clip above, xQc can be seen pausing his game, in order to take a closer look at the object he has just added to his inventory:

"Wait a minute....I'm sorry chat, I 'm sorry for interrupting this that.....studded dil*o??!! "

What follows next is absolute silence, as xQc stares on with a mixture of utter shock and confusion flashing across his face.

While the game may be bug-riddled and full of glitches so far, xQc's reactions have certainly been adding a humorous spin to the Cyberpunk 2077 playthrough experience.

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