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"Every time I see Pokimane, I feel..": xQc tells Pokimane how he feels when he sees her

Image via xQc & Pokimane
Image via xQc & Pokimane
Modified 22 Feb 2021

During PogChamps 3, Pokimane and xQc had some time to have a conversation. During the stream, xQc told Pokimane that she looks like a thumbnail or cutout to him every time he sees her.

xQc when on to admit that he didn't know why but that's how he feels when he sees her.

Pokimane said that this might be the case cause he's seen a lot of her thumbnails, which he agreed with. She then joked about him owning cardboard cutouts of her. xQc looked embarrassed but laughed it off by saying that was not the case.

The competition between Pokimane and xQc had been light and friendly. Soon after this conversation, xQc won both of his matches against Pokimane.

They did not change their demeanor. PogChamps 3 as a tournament wasn't very competitive and was quite friendly.

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xQc finished his group in PogChamps 3 undefeated

xQc was in a group with Rubius, Pokimane, and Daniel Negreanu of Pixar. xQc beat all of his opponents without losing a single match. Every two-game match ended with xQc easily coming out on top. Benjyfishy was the only other player to stayed undefeated.

The way the tournament is set up, xQc will face Sardoche on February 23rd. If xQc and Benjyfishy can win their next two matches, they will face each other for the championship match.

Image via PogChamps 3
Image via PogChamps 3

There has yet to be any trash talk or heavy boasting. Everyone is acting quite friendly and making jokes while playing. Rainn Wilson, who is also participating, named one of his openings "The Schrute Bomb" as a reference to the popular show he was in, The Office.

The light-hearted nature of the tournament between influencers and celebrities feels more like fan service than a real championship. It is pleasant to watch and intriguing to see who is actually very good at the game.


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Published 22 Feb 2021, 00:13 IST
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