"He's not my dad": xQc uses Asmongold's logic against him regarding gambling streams after JustaMinx/Malena controversy

xQc gives it back to Asmongold after his take on the OTK controversy (Images via Instagram/xqcow1 and Twitch/asmongold)
xQc gives it back to Asmongold after his take on the OTK controversy (Images via Instagram/xqcow1 and Twitch/asmongold)
Vibha Hegde

Felix "xQc" Lengyel had some choice words for his friend Zack "Asmongold" after a series of events that occurred in the recent past.

Lengyel was taken aback by the World of Warcraft streamer's opinion on the recent OTK Network controversy involving Rebecca "JustaMinx," Malena Tudi, and Sukhbeer "Esfand" Brar. Later, he attempted to use his own logic against him to demonstrate to viewers why it's supposedly broken.

xQc calls out Asmongold for his controversial take regarding OTK Friendsgiving event

Felix "xQc" Lengyel is never one to shy away from giving his own opinion on a situation or calling it how it is, as demonstrated by this clip that was taken from a recent stream of his.

xQc had been watching a fan-made Twitch Rewind 2021 video on YouTube with his viewers when he came across a clip of Asmongold. The video had a section on Twitch streamers talking about the morality of gambling streams. Asmongold was clipped from his stream, saying:

"I think that gambling streams are bad, everybody f***ing knows it."

Lengyel immediately paused the video, saying a few words that are a nod to what Zack had to say earlier this week.

"Yeah, but - let me throw it back at Asmon(gold) though. Dude, he's my friend though and uhm, he's not my dad. He's not going to tell me what to do. He's not going to tell me what's right or wrong. He's not my dad. You're not - whatever, I can do whatever I want right."

xQc unpaused the video and continued watching it but stopped for a quick second to get one more sentence off of his mind.

"If you're somebody's friend who the f*** are you to tell them what to do and what not do do man."

Lengyel solely referred to Asmongold's take on the controversy involving Rebecca "JustaMinx" and Malena Tudi earlier this month.

After the incident occurred, Asmongold later went on stream during his own time to clarify his views on the situation. He faulted Sukhbeer "EsfandTV" Brar for getting involved in the entire thing, asserting that as a friend, he should not have "inserted himself into the joke" that Malena and JustaMinx were carrying out.

Essentially, xQc was saying that Asmongold had no right to comment on the morality of gambling streams when he alleged that Esfand should not have stopped Malena from feeding JustaMinx alcohol when he thought she was on oxy.

For the most part, viewers agreed with xQc's take on the situation, claiming that Zack's logic was faulty. Asmongold has yet to respond to the subtle jab xQc gave him. The two are known to be friends, so his response could go either way.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha
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