Yogscast Twitch streamer 'SquidGame' banned on Instagram after Netflix's Squid Game fans attack her

Twitch streamer's Instagram account banned for sharing popular Netflix series, Squid Game's name (Image via Sportskeeda)
Twitch streamer's Instagram account banned for sharing popular Netflix series, Squid Game's name (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fans of the popular Netflix series Squid Game have gotten popular Twitch streamer Lydia Ellery's Instagram account banned due to her username, SquidGame. The streamer took to Twitter to post about the incident.

Ermm I think so many people have been trying to log into my account or reporting it (squidgame) that instagram have banned me. Very not cool.

The recent Netflix show, Squid Game, has gained popularity since its release on September 17, 2021. The show has quite a few fans and has seen a multitude of reactions from common people and streamers across the world. However, as is with every other fandom, some members are a little too protective about their favorite title.

Lydia 'SquidGame' Ellery gets her account banned on Instagram by fans of Netflxi series Squid Game

Lydia Ellery has been using the username 'SquidGame' since long before the Netflix series Squid Game was released. She is a member of Yogscast, a group of streamers and content creators spread across both YouTube and Twitch. She produces gaming content as well as reaction videos on her Twitch channel.

Since the streamer tweeted to report her Instagram ban, her post has blown up significantly. The post is no longer limited to Twitter itself, as it has made its way to the front page of Reddit.

Number 1 on the front page of Reddit due to Instagram banning my account! I was being inundated with messages from fans from the show but now Instagram have completely blocked me from using it

The original post has amassed over 3.8K likes and upwards of 200 retweets. Ellery herself was surprised by the amount of attention her Instagram ban got from people across the world.

Front page on Reddit, news articles and a keemstar video's been a crazy 72 hours πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

Lydia Ellery, along with her original tweet, informed people that she had applied for a review of the ban but had to wait for 24 hours before receiving Instagram's decision.

It seems like all the attention that the streamer received from her Twitter post increased the pace of work for Instagram, as Ellery tweeted on October 10, informing her fans and well-wishers that her Instagram account had been unbanned.

Thank you so much for all the retweets, Reddit comments and for tagging Instagram - my instagram account has just been unbanned! Not sure what to do about my SquidGame name and it being reported/inundated with messages, but hopefully this won't happen again!

While the streamer is still unsure what to do about her username, SquidGame, and the messages she has received, she is thankful that her account has been unbanned. Ellery had previously reported that her account was being blown up with hateful messages by Squid Game fans.

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