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"You'd need a loan to become a streamer": Summit1G's perfect response to Google Stadia dev who thinks streamers should pay to live stream

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Rishabh B.
Modified 02 Nov 2020

A few days before, we talked about Alex Hutchinson’s comments about streamers that brought him widespread criticism. He is the Montreal Studio Creative Director of Stadia Games and Entertainment. Speaking on the recent DMCA scandal that Twitch is currently dealing with, his opinions on the matter seemed a bit too extreme.

According to Alex Hutchinson, streamers should not only be worried about the songs that they end up using on their streams but also about paying money to stream games. He pointedly stated that streamers should pay to acquire a ‘license’ to use the game developer’s content on their channels.

The comments brought him bad shade from the internet, as multiple content creators rushed to shed light on the other side of the story.

“You’d need a loan to become a streamer”: Summit1G’s retort to streamer comments is bang on!

Unlike the music industry, the gaming industry has always been supportive of streamers. In the past, we have seen multiple games reap benefits from the streaming industry via various collaborations and mainstream gamers’ general tendency to get influenced by notable broadcasters.

On the other hand, there have been multiple copyright-strikes that Twitch has received due to these streamers using content that did not belong to them. While the latter obviously uses game developers’ content, this does not mean that it is not a mutually beneficial relationship.

Image Credits: Esports Talk, YouTube
Image Credits: Esports Talk, YouTube

Popular gamer Summit1g recently responded to Alex Hutchinson’s comments and had a similar opinion. He has almost 5.4 million followers on Twitch, and streams various games like Fortnite, Escape From Tarkov, GTA 5, and PUBG.

He explained exactly why the Montreal Studio honcho’s comments did not make sense in a recent stream.

“The only reason it does not make sense is that there is such a mutual benefit there that developers have expressed they also want to partake in. So, you know, where there is profit-possibility, there are people lined up to want to be a part of that.”

In a nutshell, Summit1g thinks that the only reason game developers have been supportive of streamers is that they recognize the benefits that they can accrue from the latter. Unlike what Alex Hutchinson suggested, streaming is not just a one-way street, and it benefits both the parties in question.

He added that in the absence of this relationship between streamers and game developers, video game streaming would cease to exist, as every broadcaster, towards the beginning, will have to take a ‘loan’ even to begin their careers.

Watch the entire video below:

Published 02 Nov 2020, 23:23 IST
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