"You won't get banned, my boss likes you": Twitch streamer exposes favoritism surrounding bans

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During a recent interaction with fellow streamers JustaMinx and KaceyTron, Twitch streamer QTCinderella shared an instance of Twitch favoritism when it comes to handing out bans.

The Amazon-owned platform has been under fire of late over its questionable ban policy, which continues to draw flak and infuriate streamers online.

This is due to a lack of consistency and a glaring discrepancy in the manner of implementation, which remains one of the major grounds for criticism against Twitch today.

Due to this inconsistency, a section of the online community also believes that the flaw lies with Twitch's administration, who seem to be exhibiting preferential treatment towards certain streamers.

This point was elaborated by QTCinderella during a recent stream, where she shared a rather shocking instance of Twitch favoritism.

QTCinderella shares a story of Twitch favoritism with bans

In the clip above, QTCinderella can be seen speaking to fellow streamers KaceyTron and JustaMinx. At one particular juncture, she shared an interesting story of a senior Twitch employee exhibiting favoritism.

She seemed to be speaking about her boyfriend and fellow Twitch streamer Ludwig in the clip, who is one of the top streamers at Twitch. She went on to share an incident where he clearly broke TOS:

"Somebody once donated a video of like half-naked cowboys doing like this...on their asses, and it sounded like a car driving by or something like that, and he ended the stream, and I was like you should probably delete your VOD cause if you got banned, you'd be so upset."

She then went on to reveal how Ludwig escaped a potential ban just because his boss likes him:

"Before he could even delete it, it was already deleted, and he got a message from his manager, and he was like yo you didn't get banned cause my boss likes you, like straight up...that's not okay, that's literally favoritism, you can't do that!"

QTCinderella's recent comments are sure to open up a whole new Pandora's box related to questionable Twitch bans, considering their rampant frequency these days.

Recently, after an entire month, popular Twitch streamer Forsen was finally unbanned after he accidentally showed an explicit horse GIF on a live stream.

While he received a month, another streamer by the name of MissBehavin escaped with a three-day ban, despite intentionally exposing herself on live stream.

There are numerous more such instances of biasedness, which Twitch seems to be propagating with its recent spate of questionable bans.

QTCinderella is a Twitch streamer who has around 233K followers on Twitch, with an additional 102K subscribers on YouTube.

She is best known for streaming the game Chess and also hosts the E-Girls Rejects podcast alongside fellow streamers KaceyTron and JustaMinx.