“You are wiggling, I am wiggling”: Deadlyslob gets into a hilarious conversation thanks to Escape from Tarkov VOIP

Deadlyslob got into a hilarious "wriggling content" during recent Escape from Tarkov stream. (Image via Deadlyslob)
Deadlyslob got into a hilarious "wriggling content" during recent Escape from Tarkov stream. (Image via Deadlyslob)

Twitch streamer Deadlyslob got into a hilarious wiggling match against an opposition player during an Escape from Tarkov stream.

Deadlyslob was in the middle of an Escape from Tarkov stream along with a friend. The streamer thought got into a “wriggling match” with the player he thought was his friend.

However, as it turned out, Deadlyslob’s friend quickly pointed out that he was not dancing along with him. The streamer was mistakenly engaging with a random player who could hear him thanks to the Escape from Tarkov VOIP feature.

Poor @Deadlyslob being absolutely tested today with his two passions having their big days simultaneously #EscapefromTarkov #FormulaOne😂

Deadlyslob gets into an amusing “wiggling match” against enemy

Deadlyslob was convinced that he had spotted his friend during the Escape from Tarkov stream. The streamer’s teammate also thought initially that he knew exactly where he was. Deadlyslob thought that his friend was trying to imitate an in-game scaffold:

“What, are you trying to imitate a scaff? I mean’ it’s pretty good. I mean, are we gonna do this or what? I mean, you are wiggling, I am wiggling.”

However, his friend was immediately confused as he was not the one who was wiggling. He suggested that there was someone else along with the two, which turned out to be correct:

“Yeah, yeah, there is someone right here. I am up here, look, look. What, I am looking at another guy. I am looking at this guy. We are just looking at each other. Who is the other guy? There is a guy right there. I think he is fine, he looks to be okay.”

As it turned out, Deadlyslob had mistakenly gotten into the “wriggling match” against an opposition player. The player could obviously hear him due to the Escape from Tarkov VOIP added via a July 2021 update. The streamer initially thought that the player had no intention of attacking him or his teammate.

However, he eventually attacked Deadlyslob’s teammate, leading to immediate retaliation:

“Alright, Alright Alright, I will get him from the top.”
Thanks everyone for another amazing stream on Snowrunner and supporting my content and what I want to play and share. Today was so much fun. I can't wait to get back to it tomorrow. #twitch

The hilarious exchange has since made its way to the LivestreamFail subreddit. Deadlyslob is an Escape from Tarkov streamer who plays other games like DayZ, PUBG, and Star Citizen. He currently has 367k followers on Twitch.

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