'Your relevance is no more than a memory': The RiceGum diss track drops on YouTube

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In a karmic reversal of fortune, a new diss track has arrived on YouTube, which is centered around American YouTube personality and rapper, Bryan Quang Le, aka RiceGum, who ironically made a name for himself through diss tracks.

The 23-year-old internet personality is known for his online feuds and diss tracks on other personalities such as iDubbbz and is currently locked in a long-standing feud with fellow rapper KSI.

Over the course of his career, despite his videos raking in millions of views, RiceGum has been embroiled in several controversies which range from a stereotypical Hong Kong vlog to a scammy promotion involving Jake Paul and MysteryBrand.

Moreover, ever since the 'Content Cop' video by iDubbbz, RiceGum's popularity seems to have taken a major hit.

On account of his proclivity towards controversy, a YouTube channel by the name of Void, which is also known for diss tracks, recently released a no-holds-barred RiceGum diss track.

The RiceGum diss track


Void is known for their diss tracks on popular internet personalities, which include the likes of Pokimane, Mini Ladd, Jake Paul and others. In their recent tweet, they went on to tag KSI, with whom RiceGum has been in a feud with since May.

In their diss track on RiceGum, they do not mince words as they absolutely tear into his controversial nature via some hard-hitting lyrics.

The diss track begins by taking a shot at RiceGum's rapping skills:

"Awful rapping...and your friends ain't had enough of ,now you the shitty content that they always made fun of. "
"Got no bars, got no flow and no one really f*****g likes you , hella dislikes on the channel, keep posting must excite you."

The track then proceeds to mock RiceGum's absence from the present social media scene as well as his deadpan reaction videos:

"Your relevance is no more than a memory, in this industry, a joke is all that you will ever be."
"Reacting to the vids, looking like an enzyme , pull up like Optimus but we ain't even in our prime! "

The lyrics also end up taking a shot at RiceGum's soured relationship with ex-girlfriend Abby Rao and her alleged involvement with TikTok star Bryce Hall:

"Yeah you lost a girl to an eboy on TikTok, now you is a tier-3 sub to the Poki Thot."

With the RiceGum diss track racking up views on YouTube, it remains to be seen if and how KSI ends up reacting to the track.

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