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11 Unbreakable Formula 1 Records  

F1 Live In London Takes Over Trafalgar Square - Car Parade
F1 Live In London Takes Over Trafalgar Square - Car Parade
Modified 10 May 2019


Formula 1 records have always made history, not just to the Motorsports fans, but around the world. This is due to the fast rhythm of Motorsport and the coverage it is subjected to.

Records were made to be broken. Still, there are Formula 1 records that have not been broken since they were made. These records are quite a few, 11 to be exact:

Longest Race

On the twelfth of June 2011, rainy weather was detrimental, and the race had to be suspended on lap 25. After two hours, the Canadian Grand Prix was resumed but that not only made it the longest race in history, but it caused Jenson Button, who had fallen into the last place due to a collision, to win the race thereby snatching the win when he previously had no hope of doing so.

Total race time (including the suspension, which does not count towards the two-hour time limit) was 4hr 4’39.537

Abrupt End

Ernest Loof holds the track record that he has the most abrupt end to a race in history. With the fail of his fuel pump after just 6 feet from the grid, he was thus forced to retire from the race. Not only that, but this was the only race he participated in; this was in 1953, and sadly he died in 1956.

100% Finishes

This is a record that simply can’t be broken – in 2002 there were 17 races, and Michael Schumacher competed in all of them. He finished all of them and set a record that could not be broken, especially since the maximum races that any driver could participate in now, are just 13.


Youngest driver

Formula 1 is demanding physically and emotionally and needs a lot of discipline. That is the main reason we don’t find one as young as Sebastian Vettel participating, and in 2006 he was recorded as the youngest driver to compete; he was just 19. It was the beginning, and he has since been setting records.

Oldest Champion

Juan Manuel Fangio was 46 years old when he won the 1957 world championship, he recorded the oldest winner in history. Formula 1 is not a place for older drivers due to its high physical demands, but he did it.

Fewest Cars

With a chaotic Monaco Grand Prix in 1996; it was a challenging race to say th least, and due to the rain that caused it to be a very wet race, that race saw the least number of cars to finish with only 3 cars reaching the finish line and the Chequered flag.

Narrowest Margin

When we see a winning margin of 0.000s between the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd drivers in the 1997 European Grand Prix. The only way to distinguish between them would be if the measurements were taken to four decimal places.

The greatest number of starters

Nowadays, starters are capped at 26 cars, but in 1953 34 drivers started the German Grand Prix. Since then, the rules have been redefined, and that record is not going to be repeated simply because the opportunity is not available anymore!

Widest margin


It is known how fast-paced F1 is and how close the finishes are, but in this instant, the winning margin between the winner - Sir Stirling Moss and the next runner up – Mike Hawthorn was 5 minutes, 12 seconds and 75 milliseconds. This has not been seen again since 1985.

A hundredth of a second

It might seem impossible, but that is why such a record is unbreakable; in 1971 a hundredth of a second was the difference between the finishing champions of the Italian Grand Prix. Peter Gethin was recorded as the winner over his competitor Ronnie Peterson with barely a 0.61 sec.

Meagre start

This is a memorable record due to the few numbers of cars to start the race. The United States Grand Prix 2005 began with only six cars. That is not a record that anybody is attempting to break!

With F1, there is no knowing what will happen next, there are surprises in every race and we will see records being made and others broken.

Published 08 May 2019, 08:03 IST
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