3 F1 records Max Verstappen cannot break this season

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Max Verstappen in the garage before the 2023 F1 Japanese Grand Prix. (AP Photo/Toru Hanai)

Max Verstappen is currently dominating F1 with Red Bull. The Dutchman has won most of the races this season and will most likely clinch his third World Championship in the coming races of the 2023 F1 season. As he consistently performed brilliantly in every single race, he also managed to break several F1 records.

While there are a few that he could still break, a handful of them are simply beyond his reach, at least this season. Here are the three records that Max Verstappen cannot break in the 2023 F1 season.

#1 Most pole positions in a season

Despite being extremely quick in most qualifying sessions, the Red Bull star won't be able to break the record for most pole positions bagged by a driver in a single season. Former F1 driver Sebastian Vettel currently holds this record with 15 in a row, which he pulled off in 2011, when he won his second World Championship.

As of now, Max Verstappen has only secured nine poles in 2023. Since there are six races left in the season, he could at best equal the record if he bags every pole from the Qatar GP to the Abu Dhabi GP, but he won't be able to break the record.

#2 Most consecutive pole positions

Another qualifying record that Max Verstappen simply cannot break in 2023 is the most consecutive pole positions. This particular record is held by the late Ayrton Senna. The legendary Brazilian driver clinched eight pole positions back-to-back in the 1989 F1 season. At that time, he also broke the all-time record for the most pole positions in an F1 career, which was previously held by Jim Clark.

At the moment, Max Verstappen only has been able to bag five poles one after another in 2023. Since there are only six races left, he won't be able to break Senna's record this season.

#3 Podium in every single race in a season

Back in 2002, Michael Schumacher was dominating F1 like no other driver. During that season, he essentially created a new world record by standing on the podium of every single race in a single season. Schumacher did not win six races out of 17 but still managed to finish third in one and second in the other five.

Max Verstappen was well and truly on his way to breaking this record, simply because he was either consistently winning races or finishing on podiums. Recently, at the 2023 F1 Singapore GP, however, the entire F1 universe was stunned to see Red Bull and Verstappen struggle. For several setup and technical reasons, the Dutchman was not able to finish on the podium. He ended the race in fifth place.

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