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Australian Formula 1 GP – Actual vs Predicted

Mayank Grover
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1.06K   //    27 Mar 2011, 16:00 IST

Race at Australian circuit just got over. Time for a reality check:

My Predictions can be checked here

Sebastian Vettel:

We hoped he would, but he didn’t. No mistakes, whatsoever from Sebastian.

Finishes 1st

Lewis Hamilton:

Flat spotted his tires, we said so & he did.

Also lost his P2 spot to Webber, immediately at the race start. But for a fighter racer that he is, Lewis salvaged himself within 30 seconds of Webber’s move and then hung on to 2nd spot for the race result.

Mark Webber:


Hamilton was slow off the start line & Webber was indeed unforgiving by jumping Lewis within 5 seconds of the red lights going out. Thankfully, Hamilton fought back and claimed the 2nd spot back for my sake.

We predicted Webber would drop a place to 4th. Instead he decided to drop 2 spots & finish 5th, although for some additional reasons.

Jenson Button:

Tyre master – He was on roll today. But the drive thru penalty after his shortcut overtake maneuver on Massa really screwed the race for him. Finishes 6th – a place down to his qualifying P5.

Fernando Alonso:

He had some close shaves and gained from Button’s drive thru & Massa letting him thru. Finishes a place up at 4th vs. the stagnant 5th spot we predicted.

Nico Rosberg:

Poor fellow got rammed by Barrichello’s Williams for no fault of his.

Retires eventually – No race result to compare.

Rubens Barrichello:

Let’s tell you a story about Rubens’ race today:

Race starts: Into the gravel, drops positions P17 –P18 – P19 – P20

Pit crew gives Rubens a kick in his Cremaster muscles to wake him up. Barrichello realizes that he aint sitting on a mule but a better Williams F1 car.

Rubens goes crazy and starts overtaking the cars around like cattle ….

P20 –P19 – P18 – P17 – P16 – P15 –P14 – P13 – P12 – P11..

(Yes, there is more)

.. P10- P9 ….  Bang.. Bang !

“Barrichello .. You son of a gun @$#^!”

Nico Rosberg: Retired & Barrichello in pits again. Had Rubens kept his cool, I would have had 2 more drivers’ predictions spot on.

Alas,Rubens took both of them out as he also retired a few laps later.

Vitaly Petrov:

Man of the hour.

I took a shot at him saying that he qualified P6 when his Renault was definitely worth at least a P4 on the grid. Petrov seemed to agree with me, goes a step beyond & finishes 3rd in his Renault.

Atta boy!

Kamui Kobayaschi:

I did say he would finish higher than his qualifying P9 but I was a bit too optimistic. Kobayaschi managed to finish a spot above to get 8th result vs. the closer 7th spot predicted in the post.

Always, thoroughly enjoyed an incident packed race!

Lets come back to discuss the Malaysian GP prediction next weekend.Spicy Comments appreciated & contradictions welcome.

Mayank Grover
F1 fanatic,Rally Enthusiast. Been there,done that.
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