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Bernie Ecclestone hits out at teams for being selfish

1.89K   //    29 Mar 2015, 11:17 IST
Bernie Ecclestone

Amid falling television audience figures and the criticism of new engine formula, F1 tsar Bernie Ecclestone has hit out at teams for being selfish and doing ‘nothing for the sport’ they have a say in.

The decision-making power in Formula 1 is equally divided between FOM(Ecclestone), FIA and the six leading teams on the grid. These teams have blocked a number of proposals introduced by the other two members of the ‘Strategy Group’, most infamously, the cost cap.

“The teams are egoistic. They do nothing for the sport, only for themselves,’’ Ecclestone told F1’s official website. “They only do what is good for them. It is frustrating to see that they just think about the present and have no visions for the future. I think there are people in the paddock who don’t think beyond the next race.”

Ecclestone also ruled out teams agreeing to a major overhaul in regulation for 2017 season, including 1000 bhp engines and wider tyres. He instead expect radical changes in 2020, when the current bilateral agreements with teams expire.

“That argument always comes up. They’ve all spent an awful lot of money on a power unit which was never designed to be what it is now. Mercedes in particular have done a super job. So we’ve got it. It’s hard to expect them to say, ‘We’ll scrap it’. And if we scrap it, what are we going to do? Build another one and spend a load of money? I think unfortunately, unless everybody agrees to scrap them, then we’ve got them,’’ Ecclestone continued.

The 84 year old also praised F1’s reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton for being a good ambassador of the sport and for promoting it outside the boundaries of a race track.

“He is visible - he is living the life of a true champion,’’ Ecclestone said of Hamilton. “He is no stranger to the red carpet which makes him a good ambassador for the sport, as he is world famous. And look at what he is doing on the track! I would go so far as to say that he will win his third title this year. I am positive about that.”

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