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F1: 5 occasions drivers got into a physical fight

Max Verstappen vs Esteban Ocon
Max Verstappen vs Esteban Ocon
Modified 17 Nov 2018
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The world of Formula One is often an unforgiving place to be. The drivers take their job very seriously, as they should, and racing at the elite level can end up being so much more different than the glamorous world we see it as.

The sheer number of incidents that have taken place on an F1 track are proof that living on the edge comes with loads of tension, and that drivers need to remain extremely level headed to avoid any wrongdoing.

But many times, it becomes simply impossible to not react to an incident out on track, especially when it has cost you an opportunity to win or finish in the podium spots. This is even more relevant when there is a collision involved, and blaming the other driver seems all but normal.

This past weekend in Brazil brought out the ugly side of the sport, with the passion of one particular driver rearing its ugly head in a confrontation which brought out both the best and worst of F1. As the unforgiving media world continues to scrutinize the situation, we take a look back at some of the times that F1 drivers took matters into their own hands and got physical. Here are some such incidents:

#5 Nelson Piquet vs Eliseo Salazar (1982 German Grand Prix)

Nelson Piquet throws a punch at Eliseo Salazar
Nelson Piquet throws a punch at Eliseo Salazar

The German Grand Prix in 1982 is remembered largely for this unfortunate, yet highly entertaining scuffle.

Having started fourth on the grid, Nelson Piquet found himself in a good position in the race, and was actually leading the pile and consolidating his position. Things suddenly went south however, when the Brazilian came across Eliseo Salazar.

As he tried to overtake the back market in Salazar, Piquet made his move, but everyone was taken by surprise when Salazar refused to slow down enough, resulting in instant contact between the two cars and an instant retirement.

Piquet was fuming after the incident and hopped out of his car and straight towards his adversary, who could only defend briefly as the Brazilian threw wild punches at him and showed his frustration. Truly dramatic.


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Published 17 Nov 2018, 01:54 IST
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