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F1 Belgian GP: Top 5 crashes at Spa

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The Belgian GP has seen a number of crashes
The Belgian GP has seen a number of crashes

The Formula One calendar heads to Belgium this weekend for the much-anticipated Belgian Grand Prix to be held at the historic circuit in Spa.

The circuit itself is no stranger to F1, having been built way back in the 1920s and playing host to a number of racing events over the course of the 20th century. A number of modifications have since been added to the iconic circuit to make it safer and more race-friendly but the course still continues to be notorious for some of the biggest crashes in racing history.

When it comes to F1, crashes are a regular at the Belgian GP, and the 1960 race at Spa was proof that not even the most elite level of motorsport is immune from facing fatal accidents. Chris Bristow and Alan Stacey tragically lost their lives during the Grand Prix and exposed some of the irregularities present in the track that needed serious attention.

Despite the crashes, Spa continues to be a favourite among F1 fans and is widely considered one of the most entertaining on the entire calendar. With the race coming up this Sunday, we wanted to take a look at some of the most severe crashes at the circuit with the hope that none are repeated this time around.

#5 Kevin Magnussen crash at Eau Rouge (2016)

Remains from Magnussen's Renault
Remains from Magnussen's Renault

Arguably one of Spa's most famous corners, Eau Rogue lived up to its notorious last name in 2016 as Kevin Magnussen took his unassuming Renault to the limit while entering the corner before suddenly spinning off at high speed. The Renault driver's car went cannoning into the barricade and had fans gasping for breath before he thankfully emerged from the rubble relatively unscathed. Looking back at it now, one can see the true extent of damage on the car which makes Magnussen's escape all the more miraculous.

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