F1 and DHL join hands to introduce bio-fueled trucks to reduce carbon emissions

F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain - Sprint
F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain - Sprint - Max Verstappen leads the pack around Silverstone (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

F1 has collaborated with logistics giant DHL to introduce bio-fueled trucks for the European leg of the 2023 season, resulting in a carbon emissions reduction of at least 60% over standard fuels.

DHL's first fleet of sustainable vehicles is made up of 18 trucks that will run on hydrotreated vegetable oil fuel called HV0100 fuel. These trucks will travel an estimated distance of 10,600 kilometers across the campaign’s European races.

The newly introduced trucks come equipped with GPS technology, enabling fuel consumption monitoring and the optimization of more efficient routes. These trucks not only reduce carbon emissions but also maintain the same level of performance in terms of load capacity and travel distance as their diesel counterparts. Additionally, they contribute to a safer and more sustainable sourcing process.

The bio-fueled trucks are F1's latest innovation with regard to sustainable growth, with the sport hoping to hit Carbon Net Zero by 2030. This endeavor builds upon previous initiatives, including transitioning to an increased remote broadcast operation, exploring multimodal transport opportunities such as overland and ocean freight, and redesigning freight containers to fit more efficiently onto Boeing 777 aircraft.

With F1 heading towards a cleaner future, it will be interesting to see what innovations the sport applies in the coming years.

Liberty Media is not looking to sell F1 any time soon

Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei has categorically refuted any notion of selling Formula 1, firmly dismissing earlier speculations regarding the interest of Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund in acquiring the sport.

Under the ownership of Liberty Media, Formula 1 has witnessed significant progress, exemplified by a notably expanded calendar in recent years. The sport has experienced remarkable growth since Bernie Ecclestone's reign, particularly in the United States, where three races are scheduled to take place this year.

Addressing the rumors surrounding the potential acquisition by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, Greg Maffei emphasized that Liberty Media remains dedicated to the ongoing development and expansion of F1 in the future.

Speaking at the MoffettNathanson Media and Communications Summit about F1, Maffei said:

"Anyone says that our friends, the Saudis, are going to buy it next week or something like that, if anybody knows us, they should know that’s just not in our cards. We are very enthused about where Formula 1 is now but [also] where it’s going as well."

Maffei added:

"You look at the big revenue streams there, all have good direction. In broadcasting, we have increased fans and we have increased distributors who want to push the product, including new digital distributors and the like."

With the sport's calendar constantly expanding, it will be interesting to see where F1 goes in the future. For now, the sport heads to Barcelona for the upcoming 2023 Spanish GP on June 4.

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