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F1: Ricciardo opens up on leaving Red Bull

Jamie Davies
937   //    18 Jan 2019, 19:15 IST

Ricciardo left Red Bull at the end of last season
Ricciardo left Red Bull at the end of last season

Over 5 months have passed since the day Daniel Ricciardo shocked the Formula One community by announcing his departure from Red Bull.

And for some, it is still hard to believe with Ricciardo looking to be a long spell driver for the Austrian outfit.

But with less than two months to go until the sun rises in Melbourne, in Ricciardo's home country for the new F1 season, the Aussie is getting ready with his new team Renault.

Renault finished just below Red Bull in the constructors' championship last year in fourth place and that leaves many still wondering why Ricciardo would join a team ranked below Red Bull.

The money side of things probably did the talking and Renault are known to have the resources things happen.

So with 2019 being a fresh start for the smiling assassin, it has given Ricciardo some time to reflect back on his time at Red Bull.

The 29-year-old spoke to Racer earlier this week and opened up on his decision to leave Red Bull after winning seven Grand Prix in five championships.

Ricciardo raced in 99 Grand Prix for Red Bull
Ricciardo raced in 99 Grand Prix for Red Bull

He said: “What I was going back and forth with was, originally [Red Bull] wanted to do a two-year deal, and because I’d already questioned if I wanted to do another year there, doing two years… I was a bit concerned with me personally; with my motivation to still be there.


“I was just thinking if Honda doesn’t work, next year’s a year of frustration, then am I really going to want to do another year on top of that, or am I just going to get a bit over it?

“So initially the two-year thing was something that concerned me, so then it was like: OK, let’s try and push for a one year and if the Honda works, great, we’ll extend it and whatever. Easy.

“But then one year felt risky. It felt like I wasn’t really achieving anything by signing a one-year. I don’t know, it just didn’t really add up. So what I thought I wanted, I didn’t really want in the end. So there wasn’t really anything for me.

“The two-year, for me, I didn’t really feel I wanted, and a one-year was like it puts me in this position again in 12 months time, and I don’t really want to be back in this position to be honest, because it’s starting to become a bit wearing.”

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