F1: Top 5 blunders of the 2018 season

F1 Grand Prix of Germany
F1 Grand Prix of Germany
Modified 26 Dec 2018
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With the 2018 season done and dusted, we are left with just the different types of analysis and all the could-have-been moments. All teams and drivers would like to have a trouble-free race weekend but like we all know, Formula One is nothing like that! From crashes to strategy, everything in F1 is dynamic and ever-changing.

In this list, we take a look back at some interesting times in the 2018 F1 season, when blunders from certain drivers had dire consequences for them and their teams in the long run. The likes of Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo, and Max Verstappen have all faltered at some stages in this campaign, and it proved catastrophic to their respective title challenges in the end. It proved beneficial for others though, and drivers such as Lewis Hamilton have a lot to owe to these mistakes by his contemporaries.

So here is a list of five of the biggest blunders in the 2018 season. Some affect the Championship directly and some the team. Let us have a peek:

#5 Nico Hulkenberg- Belgian Grand Prix

Normally one of the steady drivers in the paddock, the German had a moment to forget on Turn 1 when he locked up on braking and smashed into the unassuming McLaren of Fernando Alonso, who got airborne and hit the Sauber of Charles Leclerc. Post accident images showed black tyre marks on the Halo device of Leclerc reminding us all of the reason why we got the Halo installed despite heavy criticism.

Apart from these three drivers, the race also affected the Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen and the Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo who subsequently retired due to debris from Nico’s brain fade moment. Quite a blow the German’s reputation took after this one.

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Published 26 Dec 2018
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