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F1: Top 5 recovery drives of the 2018 season

rehaan díaz
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Lewis Hamilton saved his weekend from a very bad situation at his home Grand Prix in Silverstone
Lewis Hamilton saved his weekend from a very bad situation at his home Grand Prix in Silverstone

In Formula 1, even if a driver is placed in a fine position on Saturday, things can go awfully wrong, really quickly, on Sunday, and vice versa. Sometimes you ride the luck and other times rage against the dying light. Fortuitous circumstances apart, the driver still has to make it count to make a recovery and haul back some points.

All the drivers can go fast, but that's the difference; drivers who can go fast and drivers who can race.

In general, recovery drives from the top 3 teams are a bit less impressive because of the sheer gulf in speed between them and the rest. However, each of Hamilton's and Max's two drives has more than just speed blitzing through the field. They showed immense race craft and gradually saw the race come to them.

2018 saw a lot of comeback drives. Here's a list of the top 5 with only 3 drivers - Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen taking up the slots.

 #5 Lewis Hamilton in Britain

The British Grand Prix had the title fight tantalizingly poised. Lewis Hamilton recovered from 19th as he plummeted way down the field after getting tangled with Kimi Raikkonen on the first lap. Hamilton's race was salvaged by a superb recovery drive full of thrilling overtaking moves.

A couple of Safety Car periods helped the defending champion secure second place and 18 points. He drove brilliantly to romp back through the field. Not only did he drive with speed, his overtaking was precise.

He amazingly minimised the loss of points to Sebastian Vettel to the minimum of 7 points. With the title battle still on a knife's edge, it was the optimum he could have hoped - and something that he duly delivered.

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