F1 Top Speed: Did Honda break the 400 km/h barrier in a Formula 1 car?

What an incredible feat for Formula 1, right?
What an incredible feat for Formula 1, right?

Perhaps only an expert or someone informed and passionate about Formula 1 would tell you that it happens to be the most technologically advanced sport in the world.

And truth be told, few sports come close to matching Formula 1 in the thrill and anticipation that it provides. It's not only because of the thrilling sound of the engine, the presence of paraphernalia that includes brands, sponsors, some of the world's fastest drivers or the bevy of cars that are built on sophisticated technology alone.

It's the breakneck speed at which modern Formula 1 cars operate that makes the sport about as entertaining as it is dangerous.

With risk lying at every corner and unpredictability defining a sport to utterly embed in the 'now', there are few dull days in Formula 1.

But that told, there's something else that's captured the imagination of both the fan as well as the critic; the driver as well as the team that puts him on the grid in the first place.

So what is it?

A question has rather remained unanswered for a while regarding the peak that modern F1 could touch or was capable of reaching. To be precise, this pertained to whether an F1 car could reach the 400 k/m speed barrier?

And guess what, it appears that the above has truly been achieved. Did you hear about it? What are your thoughts on it?

Well, hold those for now and get used to a fascinating fact that has perhaps elevated the status of a Grand Prix car to the zenith or something like it.

Well, here's what you ought to know.

The man who's achieved what could be called (rather deserves to labeled a heroic effort) is a non-F1 driver, albeit one associated with the F1 medical car. Mr. Alan van der Merwe has just set the F1 land speed record of 397.360km/h, to be precise.

The Johannesburg-born South African racing driver clocked a top speed record of 246.908 mph. This, without a doubt, happens to be a peak worth talking about.

But that's not all.

There's more to the story. Alan van der Merwe drove the F1 car in the middle of the Mojave Desert, his effort sanctioned by the FIA.

Moreover, the team behind this groundbreaking achievement, one that had attempted this earlier as well, happens to be Honda.

That told Formula 1 fans would love to note that the team clocked an express pace of 413.205 lm/hr while testing the Honda in the Mojave Desert.

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