F1: Track Map For Vietnam Grand Prix Revealed 

Vietnam to host Grand Prix in 2020
Vietnam to host Grand Prix in 2020
Waleed Shamsi

Many people knew Vietnam for the war with the USA, but now Vietnam will be recognised as a country which will be hosting one of the most significant Events of the Year, Formula One from 2020 onwards.

The capital city of this Exotic Country will be hosting it's first Formula One event. This city consists of 5.5 km Street circuit and will be joining Baku and Monaco on street circuits. The track designed has now finally been revealed, and seriously this track will be giving enormous chances to the driver to drive at full speeds, by far.

This is the map of the Street Track design for Hanoi Grand Prix 2020:

Hanoi Grand Prix 2020 Track
Hanoi Grand Prix 2020 Track

WOAH! This track has got some massive straights and such straights on a street track can bring the competition to a whole new level. In an interview Formula One Group Cheif Executive Chase Carey said:

We are delighted to announce that Hanoi will host a Formula 1 Grand Prix. Since we became involved in this sport in 2017, we have talked about developing new destination cities to broaden the appeal of Formula 1 and the Vietnamese Grand Prix is a realisation of that ambition. We are thrilled to be here in Hanoi, one of the most exciting cities in the world right now with such a rich history and an incredible future ahead of it. This is the perfect formula for Grand Prix racing and I look forward to this becoming a real highlight of the F1 calendar.

If we look at the track, one thing is for sure that there is Baku influence. It has a few fast corners and a couple of long ones, it is really going to be very deadly for the tyres or you can say real 'Tyre Killers'.

Race organizers have signed a multi year deal so lets see what challenge will Hanoi bring to the drivers and the constructors and lets see what impact would it impart on the calendar.

Edited by Shahid Salman


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