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F1 Watch: Verstappen Hits Ocon after Brazilian Grand Prix

Waleed Shamsi
1.36K   //    12 Nov 2018, 11:30 IST

Verstappen and Ocon Clashes after Brazilian GP
Verstappen and Ocon Clashes after Brazilian GP

We all know that our little Max Verstappen is quite an aggressive kid. His aggression can be seen on the track as well. He cannot resist making aggressive moves on the track. After the incident with Estaban Ocon, we could see how the Dutchman exploded on Radio, though he was quite calm in the post-race interview.

After the Grand Prix was over Our Maxi did mention that he was hoping that he does not catch Ocon anywhere in the Paddocks but when he did the Dutchman could not control his anger and went straight to him and hit him. Watch:

Although FIA did give a 10 second Stop and Go penalty to Ocon, but for our Dutchman, that was not enough. After the race, he himself went after Ocon to settle the score. If we see the history pages, we can see that these two have a long-lasting rivalry and on track, we got to see the hints of that old rivalry.

Okay, I do understand that after the race you are hot, sweaty and adrenaline is flowing in but Max should now start to get a hold on his emotions. Many of you might also say that there was an instant when Micheal Schumacher was confronted by David Coulthard in his garage when Micheal had a DNF due to Coulthard's stupidity in 1998 Belgian Grand Prix when he slowed his car to let Micheal pass but instead hit Micheal. Watch:

This is a totally different situation. Ocon received a penalty. Verstappen still got a Podium (although his race was ruined by Ocon). It was still a 'win-win' situation. I think this Verstappen and Ocon clash was totally uncalled for. There was no need for this. I don't know how FIA overlooked this incident but Red Bull needs to have a word with this young guy over his anger.