"Give the man a P1": Fans praise Fernando Alonso's consistency after his podium in the 2023 F1 Monaco GP

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco
Second placed Fernando Alonso of Spain and Aston Martin F1 Team

F1 fans were left in awe of Fernando Alonso as he secured the fifth podium of the season after finishing P2 at the 2023 Monaco GP.

The Spaniard made a clean start at the beginning of the race but was unable to challenge pole sitter Max Verstappen throughout. He had a slight opportunity to roll the dice and get ahead of the Red Bull driver when the rain started to fall in the later stages of the race.

But a slight miscalculation handed the advantage back to the Dutch driver. However, he earned plaudits from fans who praised his drive, with one even stating that Fernando Alonso deserves a place at the top of the podium.

"Give the man a P1. He deserves it!"

Here are some more reactions:

"I'm really happy with this result" - Fernando Alonso

The Aston Martin driver debriefed that he was happy with his P2 finish in the streets of Monaco. He explained that the race was tricky with changeable weather conditions.

Speaking on Aston Martin's official website, Fernando Alonso said:

"I'm really happy with this result. The race was not easy – and the rain made it difficult for everybody, and very risky strategically. I don't think the extra stop [first Mediums, then Intermediates] affected the result. It's always hard to read the race fully from the cockpit, but on the lap I stopped, the track was completely dry apart from Turns Seven and Eight – so why fit Inters?"

While speaking about the decision to start on hard tires, he added:

"We knew that it was some downside that the strategy we could have ended up maybe P5, P6, or something like that, out of the podium. But this morning, we discussed it and we said we’ve had a couple of podiums this year so we go for all or nothing, we start on the Hard tyre. And we didn't have the pace."

It is difficult to predict had Fernando Alonso gone straight to inters, would he have won the race over Verstappen.

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