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Mercedes F1 team to employ psychologists in order to keep up the winning mindset

Dev Tyagi
232   //    18 Dec 2018, 18:11 IST

Merc have their plans in place for 2019!
Merc have their plans in place for 2019!

Mercedes clinched the 2018 season with much pride and gusto. They might have looked a bit shaky at the start but the more the season progressed, the more they came hard at Ferrari.

And to be honest, the way Lewis Hamilton and his team defeated Ferrari, in the end, didn't really seem that drastic a surprise. Hamilton hammered Sebastian Vettel.

Bottas' indifferent form didn't even seem to matter. It appeared, as though, in many races, Hamilton alone was sufficient to take the fight to two Ferrari drivers, both of whom didn't seem absurdly out of form- did they?

You can use any line for applause, the analogies won't seem to end.

In fact, if one were to rewind back the clocks, then one would find that in the past five years, Mercedes have defeated Ferrari on four occasions where both Constructor's as well as the Driver's standings matter.

That's not just a solid victory of sorts; it's a dominant one. Having said that, it's needless to mention the stellar form the team finds itself in. Now, what if one were told that Mercedes have opted for a positive step, inarguably in a positive light that, at the back of its stellar form, looks rather surprising?

Well, to make matters clear, here's what you ought to know. For the 2019 F1 season, the Toto Wolff-led outfit has decided to hire psychologists for the Formula 1 team in a bid to prepare for and continue its surge in the next season.

This might seem a bit surprising, isn't it? But here's what is making the news. In order to keep the morale of the team in top gear, this step has been taken.

Obviously, with a fifth driver's title in Lewis' lap, his fourth with the team- Mercedes having also won four constructor's title since 2014 do not seem to be too worried about the skill set or the availability of the talent. That's never an issue.


What might factor in at some point in time, believably, could be the motivation or the drive to win. And perhaps, this is why the Brackley-based outfit has chosen to avail the services of a team of psychologists.

Popular motor-racing publication The Drive elucidated the matter in more detail and quoted the following:

“I don’t think complacency was ever a factor within our team because the group is very motivated and we set objectives together that we are passionate about. It is more about how you can maintain those levels of energy. Sometimes a level of energy can become unhealthy and that is an area that we are putting a lot of effort into in order to be able to continuously perform at these levels,” Wolff told Motorsport.