"Cancel a few more" - F1 fans react to dropping of Chinese GP off the 2023 calendar

F1 Grand Prix of China
F1 fans were not too unhappy losing the Chinese GP from the calendar

The F1 Chinese GP is off the 2023 calendar. Owing to the COVID-19 situation in the country, the sport has decided not to go ahead with the event. For now, the 24-race calendar will feature one less race unless a replacement is finalized.

Fans, however, are not dropping a tear or two over the cancelation of the race in China. With the calendar already packed with as many as 23 races, fans were not too disappointed with China dropping out. Here are some of the reactions of the fans as they got to know about the Chinese GP being canceled:

"Just need to cancel a few more then we've got a reasonable season length"
"As much as I love F1, 23 races is too many, it's going to become over saturated"
"Time to cancel it permanently"
"Don't replace it. 24 races is too much."
"Having an early-season break longer than the official midseason holiday isn't feasible. And many circuits can't (and shouldn't) have their dates moved. Several fantastic options for replacement (Portugal, Turkey, Hockenheim, Nurburgring, Sepang) exist and I hope one is chosen."
"What about canceling 4 more GP so people working in F1 can take a breath"
"We shouldn't be racing in a country that has concentration camps anyway"
"outrageous idea, but what if we just.... leave that spot on the calendar empty?"
"Good news, let's make that permanent."
"Cool. terminate the damn contract, signed the extension with spa and move on"
"at this point let’s cancel whole chinese gp. this is embarrassing"
"Wow what a breaking news Wanna racing in China? Still need to wait 97 years!"
"The 2023 Chinese Grand Prix has been cancelled. The Chinese Grand Prix has been canceled for the fourth year in a row."

F1 confirms 2023 Chinese GP is cancelled

Clouds were already hanging over the race when the calendar was announced, but a statement from Formula One Management (FOM) was the final nail in the coffin. The statement read:

"Formula 1 can confirm, following dialogue with the promoter and relevant authorities, that the 2023 Chinese Grand Prix will not take place due to the ongoing difficulties presented by the COVID-19 situation. Formula 1 is assessing alternative options to replace the slot on the 2023 calendar and will provide an update on this in due course."

Replacements for the race are being looked at with Portimao and Turkey apparently in prime position to take over the slot.

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