Christian Horner picks the moment that showed Max Verstappen is 'on another level' compared to anybody else 

F1 Grand Prix of Spain - Final Practice
F1 Grand Prix of Spain - Final Practice - Christian Horner discusses with Max Verstappen (Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

Christian Horner claims Max Verstappen's ability to recognize Helmut Marko's phone ringing whilst driving in FP2 showed that he is on 'another level' compared to the rest of the grid.

The Dutchman was communicating with his race engineer when he heard Marko's phone going off in the background - and was quick to recognize it.

In a moment of unrecognized skill, Max Verstappen was able to quickly identify Marko's ringtone whilst grappling with his RB19 in the second free practice in Barcelona, showing off an unusual ability.

The team's subsequent affirmation brought about amusement, and in that instant, Christian Horner, the team principal, recognized the exceptional level at which the Dutchman is currently performing. It demonstrated his ability to notice even the smallest details while pushing an F1 car to its limits.

Speaking about Max Verstappen, Horner said:

"I think in 2016 it was very 'raw'. He was incredibly fast, huge, and naturally talented. He still has that natural speed and tremendous ability. But I think what he has now is the experience, the roundness and the [mental] ability."

Horner continued:

"Recognizing Helmut Marko's phone ringing inside the car, [it shows that] he has an extra attention that has put him on another level and I think the best thing about him is that he keeps improving,"

Max Verstappen 'feels great' about breaking Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull record

Max Verstappen achieved an extraordinary feat by surpassing Sebastian Vettel's long-standing record for the highest number of victories with Red Bull in F1. With his recent triumph in Spain, the Dutchman has now amassed 40 wins for Red Bull, placing him among an elite group of drivers.

Verstappen demonstrated his invincibility in Barcelona, with no competitor on the grid posing a significant challenge to him. His remarkable performance in Spain has now propelled him to secure two more victories than Vettel, who reigned over the sport from 2010 to 2013.

With the Red Bull RB19 triumphing in all seven races held this year, Verstappen finds himself in the optimal position to clinch a third consecutive championship title. On breaking Vettel's record of 38 wins, Max Verstappen said:

“If you have a good car for a while, you can break these kinds of numbers. But yeah, it's great. I mean, I would have never thought that I would be in this position in my career. When I grew up, I wanted to be a Formula 1 driver and winning these races is amazing. It's better than I could have ever imagined, for sure.”

With his rivals a long way behind him, it will be interesting to see how many wins Verstappen can get this year.

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