"Everyone agrees apart from the FIA" - Fans react as Max Verstappen proposed radical weight reduction to F1 cars

F1 Grand Prix of Canada
Max Verstappen prior to 2024 F1 Grand Prix of Canada (Image: Getty)

F1 fans have sided with Max Verstappen's statements regarding reducing the weight of Formula 1 cars ahead of the 2026 regulations. The Dutchman expressed his thoughts about the potential new regulations during the Canadian Grand Prix weekend in Montreal.

The FIA released the draft regulations for the 2026 season just before the Canadian Grand Prix. These changes include a 200mm reduction in wheelbase and a 100mm decrease in the width of the cars, alongside a targeted 30kg weight reduction.

These adjustments aim to enhance the racing spectacle in F1. Max Verstappen believes these changes are a start but opined they "can do things a little bit differently." The Dutchman said (via Motorsport.com):

"It's gonna be very tough with how everything is, but let's see. I mean, even now, some teams are overweight, right? So, to go even 30 kilos less... of course, I know that the dimensions change a little bit, but I'm not sure that 30 kilos will be the perfect scenario."
"At the moment it's wishful thinking but that is definitely what we need, to make it more agile and probably a bit more fun. I'm sure that we can do things a little bit differently," Verstappen added.

Fans on social media seemingly agreed with Max Verstappen's suggestions. One user on X (formerly Twitter) summed up the general consensus, writing:

"Everyone agrees apart from the FIA."

Another user added:

"FiA should listen to the driver who helped build the third most dominant car in F1 history."
"It's right. The cars are still too heavy," opined another fan.
"I agree with Max. It’s not just weight, it’s size too. The cars will still be too big, in my opinion. But such a drastic change cannot be made in one swift stroke of a pen. F1 needs time to get there. PU changes needed to allow it as well, I believe," suggested another fan.
"Well yeah. Nearly everyone on earth agrees. Who wants heavy F1 cars? Nobody," wrote a user.
"I'm no Max fan, but he speaks facts. He knows what an F1 car should be. 600kg, low aero, high mech grip and no hybrid rubbish," commented another fan.

What F1 rule did the FIA change that puts Max Verstappen's record in danger?

The FIA has amended its rules to potentially allow 17-year-olds to obtain a Formula 1 Super Licence.

The updated Appendix L of the International Sporting Code now permits a Super Licence at 17, provided the FIA deems the driver has shown exceptional ability and maturity in single-seater competitions. This regulation shift reignites debates from a few years ago when Max Verstappen became F1’s youngest driver at 17.

The Red Bull driver's early debut led to him becoming the youngest-ever point scorer and race winner. At the time, the FIA raised the minimum age to 18, seemingly to prevent such young entries. However, the new amendment reopens the door for young talents like Mercedes' protégé Andrea Kimi Antonelli to potentially debut in 2024.

Max Verstappen is currently leading the F1 standings following his Canadian GP win and is aiming to secure his fourth-consecutive World title. The 26-year-old has 194 points to his name.

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