F1 Japanese Grand Prix 2023 trophies to have first-ever ‘kiss activated’ technology 

2023 Japanese Grand Prix trophies (image credit/ Adam Stern via X)
2023 Japanese Grand Prix trophies (image credit/ Adam Stern via X)

The 2023 Japanese Grand Prix race winners will be given a special trophy which is the first ever 'kiss-activated' trophy.

Lenovo, the Japanese Grand Prix's main sponsor, came up with the concept of incorporating modern technologies into the F1 trophy and has commissioned world-renowned design company Pininfarina of America to assist in its creation.

The concept draws inspiration from the Lenovo logo and the air intake of an F1 car. It also includes some cutting-edge technology with an aluminium design that will come to life when the driver interacts with it by kissing it.

The trophy has a designated "kiss me" location on the outside, and when it is picked up, indication lights flash to direct race winners to the proper location to kiss it and activate the LED lights due to the touch-sensitive micro-switch technology.

“As a leading technology company, we challenged ourselves to find a way to embed smarter technology into the trophies in a way that’s never been done before to elevate the podium experience,” Lenovo's executive creative director of corporate marketing, Philip Marchington said. (via news.lenovo.com)

Not only for the Japanese Grand Prix but for the top three drivers in the United States Grand Prix in Austin, which Lenovo is also a sponsor of, the "kiss me" trophy technology will be introduced.

Prior to the podium celebrations following the Japanese Grand Prix, the trophies will be programmed to guarantee that they have the correct flag colors for each individual driver.

F1 fans react to the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix 'kiss' activated trophy

The winner's national flag will be illuminated on the trophy for this weekend's Japanese Grand Prix when the victor kisses it on the podium. The trophy was created by renowned coachbuilders Pininfarina on behalf of race sponsor Lenovo and is meant to resemble an F1 car's air inlet.

The 'kiss' activated trophy, which the Japanese Grand Prix winners will have to kiss to light, has left F1 fans confused.

RedBull's Max Verstappen will start at the pole followed by both the McLaren drivers, Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris in P2 and P3 respectively. Watch Sunday's Grand Prix on F1TV (Indian audience) at 10:30 am (IST).

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