F1 pundits argue mandatory two tire stops to improve racing

A detail view of the marbles on the front right tyre of Max Verstappen
A detail view of the marbles on the front right tyre of Max Verstappen's RB18 in parc ferme during the 2022 F1 French Grand Prix. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

F1 pundits Karun Chandhok and Martin Brundle discuss how racing will improve if the FIA mandates two pitstops during each race. Whenever a driver pits, it sets him back a couple of places, which he then has to make up in order to get back to where he initially was.

Hence, pitstops are always great for racing, as it shuffles the grid a bit and promote racing and overtaking.

Speaking on the Sky Sports F1 podcast, Karun Chandhok started off by proposing a rule that mandates two-stop racing, where every driver has to use all three tire compounds. He said:

"I still think we should have a regulation where they have to use all three compounds in the race; it'll have a two-stop race. I immediately got a couple of texts back from engineers in the pitlane saying, 'Well, we couldn't have done that in Miami because the soft tire wasn't good enough.' But, so what? It would have done five or six laps at some point; they would have all had to use it for between six and eight laps and it would have jumbled things up around the pit stops."

Adding to this, Martin Brundle also chipped in and supported the idea of two pitstops and how they are proven to add more spice to an F1 race. He said:

"I'd go with that because you know the best race is unquestionably are the marginal two stoppers. Will they get to the end without needing a third stop? Followed by the marginal one-stoppers, we used to have it a lot, didn't we? With falling off the cliff, the tire. It all looks set for the last five laps, and suddenly people just fell by the wayside."

Brundle concluded:

"They've kind of managed that a lot better these days, both at Pirelli and in the teams. You don't necessarily want to fabricate it, but the tires are there; they've done a world tour, let's put them on and use them."

Max Verstappen not affected by F1 fans booing him after a race

Max Verstappen is well aware that he is not the most loved driver on the grid. He has heard hundreds of F1 fans booing him after a race. He understands that not everyone likes the driver who consistently claims the top spot. However, he is not too concerned about it as he is dead set on continuing to win every race. In the post-race press conference after the 2023 F1 Miami GP, the Dutchman said:

“If I am driving at the back nobody will be doing anything in terms of a reaction. It is normal when you are winning, and they don’t like who is winning. This is something that is absolutely fine for me as long as I stand on the top step of the podium. That is the most important thing. I take the trophy home, and they can go back to their houses and have a nice evening.”

There are several F1 fans who still remember the 2021 F1 Abu Dhabi GP and still do not take Max Verstappen as a true world champion. However, it is safe to say that the Dutchman has proven how quick he is, despite all the controversies and hate.

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