F1 review battle: Fernando Alonso and Alpine come out on top

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Alpine and Fernando Alonso won the review against Haas F1 during a hearing held on October 27th, 2022. The two teams were summoned post-Haas' protest against Alonso's damaged front-right mirror controversy.

Notably, the Spaniard was involved in a high-speed collision with Aston Martin's Lance Stroll during the 2022 F1 US GP, which left the former's mirror damaged. The mirror, later on, flew off the car, but Alonso was able to race without receiving a black-and-orange flag. This decision did not sit well with the Haas team, who have received the flag on several occasions with Kevin Magnussen.

CONFIRMED: Alpine wins review, Haas protest is declared null and void, so Alonso will be reinstated in P7 in the USGP #F1…

The American team lodged the complaint 24 minutes after the race, with the stewards finding it appropriate to award Fernando Alonso a 30-seconds penalty. Alpine decided to challenge this decision and believed Haas did not follow the protocol. After winning the verdict, the French team thanked the stewards for their final decision, stating:

"BWT Alpine F1 Team thanks the FIA stewards for convening and reaching a positive conclusion on the matter involving Car #14 from last weekend’s United States Grand Prix. The team welcomes the decision made by the aforementioned stewards, whereby Car #14 reinstates its seventh-place finish and six points from the race."

This will allow a vital points finish for Fernando Alonso, as well as Alpine, as his original P7 finish will stand reinstated.

Fernando Alonso felt the stewards' decision will determine the sport's integrity

Upon receiving a 30-second-penalty after the 2022 F1 US GP, Fernando Alonso took to Instagram to share his views. The Spaniard believed that the decision regarding the black-and-orange flag situation will determine if the sport is heading towards a better future or not.

He wrote:

"It's one of those rare times in sport that I feel we are all on the same page and share the same opinion towards rules and regulations. It is an important day for the sport, as this decision will dictate if we are going in the right direction."
BWT Alpine F1 Team thanks the FIA stewards for convening and reaching a positive conclusion on the matter involving Car #14 from last weekend’s United States Grand Prix.[1/3]

His team Alpine was also disappointed to learn of the penalty and informed the community:

"BWT Alpine F1 Team is disappointed to receive a post-race time penalty for Car #14 from today’s United States Grand Prix, which unfortunately means Fernando moves to outside the points-paying positions. The team acted fairly and deemed the car remained structurally safe as a result of Fernando's incident with Lance Stroll on lap 22 of the race with the right-side rear view wing mirror detaching from the chassis as a result of accident damage caused by Stroll."

The main point of contention was how Haas was out of its time limit to lodge any complaint. While the American outfit won the verdict for a temporary time, Alpine's protest was deemed admissible after a deeper review.

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