How has Drive To Survive changed F1?

The teaser for Drive To Survive season 4 (Via
The teaser for Drive To Survive season 4 (Via

The much anticipated fourth season of Netflix docu-series Drive To Survive is set to release on March 11, a week before the season opener in Bahrain gets underway. The over-the-top media platform has created an entirely new genre of docu-series that has helped sports bring in new, diverse audiences through powerful storytelling, especially in the case of F1.

The never-seen-before access to the personal lives of team members and drivers has given F1 a new personality, which over the past four years has allowed individuals globally to resonate with the sport. While avid fans enjoy knowing the technical aspects of the sport, the masses have been drawn into it because of its portrayal as one of the most thrilling journeys of the 20 most talented and passionate drivers through unique storytelling.

The 2018 deal with Netflix witnessed F1 hand over all editorial control to produce the 10-episode docu-series for its first season, which was then extended for three more seasons. Drive to Survive managed to turn exclusive access to the paddock and behind-the-scenes drama into three captivating seasons of content that have, as a result, significantly diversified and boosted new audiences as well as Grand Prix ticket sales.

The contextual storytelling style of the docu-series has added to the sport and its growing audience. Each 10-part series has allowed audiences to connect with drivers and teams on a personal level, resulting in the exponential growth in the sport's viewership and aiding its perception. It has been a significant part of the massive brand relaunch of F1 since its acquisition by Liberty Media in 2017, transforming it into a truly global sport.

Lando Norris describes his experience with season 4 of Drive To Survive

Lando Norris had his best season so far in 2021 and claims that he is looking forward to the new season of Drive to Survive. He, however, hilariously revealed that he is not too thrilled to have some of his poor golf shots aired in season four.

As reported by The Sports Rush, Norris claimed that Netflix had been following him around in 2021 and added:

“I did a few things with them at home as well, a couple of scenes of us playing golf. I probably looked really terrible because I did some of the worst shots I’ve ever done while I was filming for it. But yeah, I hope so.”

2021 will go down in history as one of the most exciting and controversial F1 seasons. Consequently, the upcoming season of the Netflix docu-series is expected to be better than ever.

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