"I am aghast at the concept of state-sponsored terrorism" - F1 pundit joins Lewis Hamilton in calls to stop violence in Israel-Gaza conflict

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco
Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes arrives in the Paddock prior to the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco

F1 pundit Will Buxton joined Lewis Hamilton as he voiced his opinion against violence in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza. The journalist shared his stance through a post touching on the 'All Eyes on Rafah' trend on social media.

The conflict between Israel and Gaza has been going on for over eight months with several countries across the globe sharing their views on the matter and calling for a ceasefire.

Several celebrities from all walks of life, including Lewis Hamilton, have also chimed in on the conflict and asked for a ceasefire from the Israeli side as many plead the nation to stop violence in the area.

After Israel's recent attack on the southern part of Gaza, Rafah, which the former called a 'misfire', numerous posts on social media condemned the attack, as the region houses several Palestinian refugees, and the trend of 'All Eyes on Rafah' started.

Will Buxton shared one such post on his Instagram and received several comments from his followers. Acknowledging the comments, the Brit on a separate Instagram Story explained his reasoning:

"I've received many messages of thanks for support, many of anger. I understand the situation is nuanced. It has been for 80 years. I was a student of politics and international relations long before this motorsports stuff. I understand the pain of October 7th I understand the grief. I understand the fear and the worry for the hostages still held.
But I do not understand how what the Israeli state is committing to the people of Palestine can be considered appropriate or proportional. I do not understand how these actions can be rationalized by rational people. I am aghast at the concept of state-sponsored terrorism, just as I am at the abhorrence of the genocide we are witnessing."

He concluded by claiming that he does not support the actions of 'Hamas or Israeli State' but is with the 'people'.

Lewis Hamilton condoned the attack by Israel on Rafah

Lewis Hamilton stated that he could not sit back and 'watch this tragedy' as he shared an 'All Eyes on Rafah' on social media condemning the attack.

On his Instagram Story, the Mercedes driver spoke about the impact of the conflict on children and their families:

"Enough is enough. We cannot continue to watch this tragedy unfold and not speak up. The trauma and terror so many, but particularly innocent children, are experiencing is horrifying. This must stop – for the children, for their families, and for their lives."

Last year, Lewis Hamilton had voiced his solidarity with the people of Palestine initially after the conflict had begun.

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