"I’m done shaking" - Lewis Hamilton says he is 'looking forward' to the removal of Mercedes' bouncing problems

Lewis Hamilton hopes he does not have to counter the bouncing anymore
Lewis Hamilton hopes he does not have to counter the bouncing anymore

Lewis Hamilton conceded after the 2022 F1 Monaco GP that he was tired of all the bouncing issues that have plagued Mercedes throughout the year. At Sunday's event, these problems got exacerbated due to the track's bumpy nature.

Speaking to the media after the race, the Briton expressed his hopes that at the next event in Baku, the car would not feel like it did in Monaco. He said:

“I’m praying the car doesn’t feel like it does here. This was the worst in this car so far because of the potholes. I’m looking forward to it going away – just my teeth, my jaw moving all the time. I’m done shaking. I don’t know if it’s the porpoising. I hope it’s not what we had in the last race, so I want it to not be a problem. But if there are potholes, then in the corners we can have them.”
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Mercedes suffered from bouncing issues throughout the season until the Spanish GP, where the upgrades brought by the team helped remove porpoising to a large extent. At the Monaco GP, however, the track's bumpy nature brought back the same issues for the team as both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell suffered from this.

Although Hamilton hopes that the bouncing effect will subside in Baku, there is a very high probability of him being disappointed there. The slow speed sections of the Baku track are quite similar to that of Monaco and the car could face the same issues there as well.

What good is letting it consume me, asks Lewis Hamilton about the results of his 2022 F1 Monaco GP weekend

.@KingJames 🤝 @LewisHamiltonTwo legends linked up at the Monaco Grand Prix (via @kevinlove)

Lewis Hamilton spent most of his Monaco GP stuck behind the Alpine of Fernando Alonso. The Spanish driver was lapping close to 3 seconds a lap slower than everyone else and even got called out by Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff after the race for driving at "Formula 2" speed.

After the race, Hamilton appeared quite relaxed with what had happened in the race as he conceded it was the nature of the beast in Monaco where you just can't overtake the other car. He said:

“It was a bit frustrating but this is what it is, you just have to be behind it! Yes, but what good is letting it consume me? It is the way it is, and there’s not much I can do about it. We will go back to the factory and try harder, try again in the next race.”

The seven-time world champion currently finds himself 6th in the drivers' standings with 50 points while his teammate George Russell is 34 points ahead in the standings.

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