"I'm sure they will come to a good resolution" - Toto Wolff expects Lewis Hamilton and the FIA to overcome the impasse over jewelry soon

Lewis Hamilton and FIA have been caught in a rather uncomfortable impasse this season
Lewis Hamilton and FIA have been caught in a rather uncomfortable impasse this season
Charanjot Singh

Lewis Hamilton's team principal Toto Wolff believes that Hamilton and the FIA will soon reach a resolution on the jewelry prohibition. Speaking about the situation between Hamilton and the FIA, Wolff said:

"I think what was needed was a dialogue between Lewis and Mohammed. It is clear that regulations are here to protect the drivers. On the other side, we need to keep the possibility of diversity and the means of expressing ourselves, and we know that this is important for Lewis.
Without going into detail as to where the piercing stayed and where not, I'm sure they (Hamilton and bin Sulayem) will come to a good resolution."

Lewis Hamilton says he will continue to wear jewelry even after the exemption period

The FIA has given Lewis Hamilton a three-week exemption, during which the seven-time world champion is expected to get his nose stud removed. The Mercedes driver removed every piece of jewelry except the nose stud for the Miami GP.

Lewis isn't backing down on the no jewelry ruling ⌚️

While Hamilton is expected to get rid of the nose stud in three weeks' time, he told the media after the race that he was going to get another exemption.

He told a section of the media:

"I get an exemption here [and] I'll get one for the rest of the year. Wedding rings are allowed. I'll wear four watches next time."

Drivers such as Sebastian Vettel have come out in Hamilton's defense and have said that the regulation seems to specifically target the Mercedes driver. As a part of the protest, Vettel even wore his underwear over his overalls during Free Practice.

Vettel wearing underwear over his race suit in protest of the FIA’s new clothing regulations 🩲😅

Lewis had called the jewelry prohibition "a step backwards" on Friday and while talking to the media, he further elaborated on why he felt that way.

It’s almost like a step backwards, if you think about the steps we’re taking as a sport and the more important issues and causes we need to be focusing on. I think we’ve made such great strides as a sport…this is such a small thing. It’s about individuality and being who you are.

It will be interesting to see how things unfold in the coming weeks. Will Hamilton and the FIA be able to arrive at a compromise? Only time will tell.

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