"I was thinking of just taking my iPad" - Lewis Hamilton plans to watch new Game of Thrones while stuck in DRS train at 2022 F1 Italian GP

F1 Grand Prix of Italy - Practice
Lewis Hamilton walks in the paddock prior to practice ahead of the 2022 F1 Italian Grand Prix. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Lewis Hamilton reckons that he will have to tune into the 'House of the Dragon’ show on an iPad in his car if he gets stuck in a DRS train. The Briton feels that the Monza circuit has very little room for overtaking, which makes it difficult to expect much from the performance.

Speaking to the on-site press ahead of the Italian GP, Hamilton said:

“I was thinking of just taking my iPad with me in the race and when I’m in the DRS line just watch…there’s a new Game of Thrones out. I’ve stopped watching it because I like to binge-watch. There are lots of adverts in the middle and then you’re at the end and are like ‘I want to watch the next thing’.”
💬 "There are many great things to take away from this weekend. If it's the same in future races, we’re going to be continuing to breathe down their necks and get that win. I’m taking all these positives forward. So grateful for the team and their hard work. Let’s not give up."

Hamilton jokingly said that he would be interested in watching the new ‘Game of Thrones’, which is 'House of the Dragon’. Hoping to binge-watch the show, Lewis Hamilton feels he might like to catch up with it on his iPad if he gets stuck in a DRS train during the race.

Lewis Hamilton is anticipating a lot of drivers to get stuck in a DRS train in Monza

Citing the fact that he could not overtake Valtteri Bottas in an Alfa Romeo during the third practice session of the race, Lewis Hamilton expects a lot of drivers to be stuck in a DRS train in Monza. Hamilton feels that strategy and tire degradation will be the only factors that can create an opportunity to surge up the grid during the race.

Highlighting his expectations for the race, the 37-year-old said:

“I was behind Valtteri in practice and couldn’t catch him nor pass him. I hope I don’t get stuck tomorrow, but I’m imagining tomorrow everyone will be stuck in a DRS train and it will just be sitting there and waiting for the strategy, tyre degradation and those sorts of things to come into play.”
Ready to give it everything ~

Lewis Hamilton has switched to a new power unit and multiple components for the Monza race, taking a grid penalty which places him 19th on the grid. With Monza being a circuit with little room for overtaking, it will be interesting to see how Mercedes strategy their race.

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