"We are not perfect" - Jean Todt on why he called for an investigation of F1 2021 season finale

F1 Grand Prix of USA - Qualifying
F1 Grand Prix of USA - Qualifying

Outgoing FIA President Jean Todt has claimed that the international motorsport governing body is not perfect. He has ordered a full review of the controversial events that transpired at the F1 season finale in Abu Dhabi, to learn what can be improved going forward.

Speaking at the pre-ceremony press conference at the FIA prize-giving ceremony, Todt said:

"In the heat of the action, you have your own feelings. On the other side, you have the race director, you have the stewards, and you have a lot of organization."
"Are we perfect? No, we're not. So that is why I have suggested a full review. It is to see what needs to be improved in light of whatever has happened in the past, not just this race (the Abu Dhabi GP) but over the course of the entire year."

Todt added:

"The review should tell us where we can improve. We (the organizers) need to be perfectionists. Formula One is the result of perfection - from everyone being perfect together. A great driver is not enough - it all has to be combined together to be a successful sport."

The FIA, along with F1’s permanent race director Michael Masi, have come under increased criticism after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. They have been accused of “manipulating” the results of the championship by interpreting the sporting regulations in a dubious way.

The FIA has defended the controversial safety car restart at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. However, they have also promised to conduct a detailed investigation into the events that transpired.

Following the FIA’s announcement of an investigation, Mercedes AMG F1 have opted not to challenge Max Verstappen’s title at the International Court of Appeals.

F1 set to lose veteran names from key positions in the coming months

F1’s Director of motorsport Ross Brawn is expected to leave his position in the coming months, according to media reports. Chief Technical Officer Pat Symonds is also expected to leave the office ahead of the new season. Furthermore, Jean Todt, who has been the president of the FIA since 2009, is also set to step down from his position after 17 December 2021.

Jean Todt was formerly the Team Principal and General Manager of Scuderia Ferrari between 1994 and 2007. During his tenure at the Scuderia, he successfully led the efforts to rebuild the once-struggling team, along with Ross Brawn, Rory Byrne, and Michael Schumacher. In early 2000s, Ferrari went on to dominate F1, winning five consecutive constructors championships.

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