Las Vegas to host an F1 night race from 2023

Las Vegas is set to join Austin and Miami as the third United States Grand Prix
Las Vegas is set to join Austin and Miami as the third United States Grand Prix

F1 is set to add a third Grand Prix in the United States from 2023, with Las Vegas set to host a night race on a custom-built street track.

F1’s parent company Liberty Media has announced that they will work together with the Las Vegas Convention Authority and several entertainment brands within the country to promote the new event. Speaking at the announcement event, Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei said:

“Iconic Las Vegas and Formula 1, the pinnacle of motorsport, is the perfect marriage of speed and glamour. Our confidence in this unique opportunity is evident in our decision to assume the promoter role for the Las Vegas Grand Prix.”

Speaking about F1 being an attraction in the US, Maffei said:

“We could not be more excited to work with our local partners to create a marquee event. The potential of Formula 1 has been well demonstrated over the last several seasons and the Las Vegas GP will only take it to the next level.”
For those waking up in Europe, this is about the time the race would finish in Las Vegas as Domenicali said it would be a 10pm start #F1

The Las Vegas Grand Prix joins the Austin race at the Circuit of the Americas and the Miami Grand Prix to become the third F1 race in the United States. FOM has been keen to increase the sport’s presence in the country due to its ever-increasing popularity, and Sin City's addition is just a shot in the arm.

According to some reports, the new race will likely replace an existing venue from the European leg of the calendar, rather being an additional event. This is due to increased resistance from teams and drivers to the ever-growing calendar, despite the new Concorde agreement allowing a theoretical 25 races per year.

F1 hoping for fourth US GP, while fans call for race in Africa

F1 is reportedly considering adding yet another race in the United States to the calendar. According to RN365, the sport’s parent company Liberty Media, which is based in the United States, wants at least four races in the country, two on either coast.

Long Beach and Detroit are reportedly under consideration for joining the existing venues in Miami, Las Vegas, and Austin.

In my opinion, F1's too eurocentric and I'd love to see more races in other parts of the world! 😊Personally I'd remove Jeddah and Abu Dhabi - 3 Middle East races is too many.We need more in Africa and Asia especially - I'd love to see Buddh 🇮🇳, Kyalami 🇿🇦 and Sepang 🇲🇾 back!

At the same time, fans have called for the sport’s return to other continents, especially Africa, to live up to its world championship status. The sport hasn’t raced in the continent since the 1985 South African Grand Prix.

Over the last few years, the sport has lost a majority of races in Asia, leaving only the Japanese and Chinese Grands Prix.

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