"We should be using him in that good cause" - Lewis Hamilton should be a 'role model' in face of jewelry fiasco, says FIA President

Lewis Hamilton decked out in his jewelry during the F1 Grand Prix of Miami
Lewis Hamilton decked out in his jewelry during the F1 Grand Prix of Miami
Khushi Chandani

Despite Lewis Hamilton's complaints and minor protests, FIA president Mohammed ben Sulayem has confirmed that no changes will be made to the jewelry ban that was recently implemented for safety reasons.

The Emirati, however, revealed that he would like Hamilton to become a role model in the face of the issue, rather than fight the rules. Confirming that he has no personal issues with Lewis Hamilton, Ben Sulayem admitted that before he became president of the FIA, he was rooting for the Briton to break the record to win an eighth world championship title in 2021. As reported by the Daily Mail, he said:

“I was free then because I wasn’t president. I really wanted him to win that eighth title, because records are there to be broken. People say I did what Lewis [Hamilton] and Toto [Wolff] wanted by removing Michael Masi. I mean, I do that for them and then I have it in for them - it doesn’t make sense. Lewis saw a doctor in Miami to discuss the jewellery issue - and, guess what, he was a British doctor. I am simply saying the rules are there. It’s not for me to decide the merits of the science - it’s for the medics. I would like Lewis to be a role model, an ambassador, to send the right message to all the young drivers to prevent a tragedy. We should be using him in that good cause.”
FIA: Ban on wearing jewellery will be strictly enforced from now on. Lewis Hamilton : wears all the jewellery and 3 watches to the press conference! 🥵#LewisHamilton #F1 #MiamiGP

The 60-year-old then went on to reiterate his stance on the jewelry ban, saying:

“I love jewellery. I absolutely love it. But in the car there can be no choice. People say they (the rules) haven’t been implemented before. Don’t ask me why not. People can ask the old regime why that is the case.”

Lewis Hamilton showed up to the Miami GP press conference covered in jewelry last weekend and claimed that he was not interested in complying with the ban. Following a reasonable conversation with FIA doctor Sean Petherbridge, the Mercedes driver relented and continued without the jewelry.

FIA president comments on consequences if Lewis Hamilton does not comply with jewelry ban in Monaco

After the jewelry fiasco at the Miami GP, Lewis Hamilton was permitted to wear his nose piercing for two races as it had to be surgically removed. If he shows up to the Monaco Grand Prix with any jewelry on, however, Mohammed Ben Sulayem claims that there will be a fine.

Speaking on Hamilton's reluctance to comply with the ban, the Emirati said:

“That’s up to him. There are fines that apply. It’s like if someone speeds on the roads - you can’t stop them doing it but they get fined, even if it was accidental. You can’t let people off because they are your friends. There has to be one rule for all, and that’s that.”
#MiamiGP 🇺🇸: FIA’s Technical Delegate’s report: “Mercedes has not confirmed for driver Lewis Hamilton in the submitted self-scrutineering sheet, that he is complying with the requirement to not wear any jewellery, in the form of body piercing or metal neck chains or watches.”

The former world champion insists that the jewelry ban is an infringement of his rights and that he should not require permission to express himself using jewelry.

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