Lewis Hamilton's records safe as Max Verstappen has 'never been interested in breaking' them

F1 Grand Prix of Australia
Lewis and Max at the F1 Grand Prix of Australia

Lewis Hamilton's records for most wins, podiums, and pole positions appear to be safe for now as Max Verstappen admits he has no interest in breaking them.

The Red Bull driver has been dominating the sport over the last couple of years and ended up breaking multiple records last season. He broke the record for most points in a season as well as breaking the record for most wins in a season held by Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher.

At just 25, Max Verstappen already finds himself in multiple all-time lists of drivers. Does he then have the motivation or the goal of breaking the record for most wins/poles/podiums held by Lewis Hamilton? The Red Bull driver shows no inclination of wanting to achieve that.

In conversation with Robb Report, the Dutchman mentioned that Hamilton has nothing to worry about when it comes to him breaking his records and said:

“No, I don’t think he needs to look over his shoulder. He has achieved so much in the sport. It doesn’t matter. I’ve never been interested in breaking records, because these things only happen if you are lucky enough to be in a good car for a long time. Not everyone has that luxury."

He added:

"Luckily, I’ve been in a good car for two years, to win Championships but it might stop next year. You don’t know. So I’m just enjoying the moment. If, after this year, it’s not happening again, that’s what it is.”

Max Verstappen shares why he won't be part of the sport for that long

In a recent interview with AS, Max Verstappen revealed that he had no interest in racing in F1 at a much-advanced age like Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. He said:

“I could if I wanted to but I don’t think I want to stay in the sport for that long. I want to do other things. The time you spend beyond the time you spend in the car. You travel a lot, you have a lot of commitments throughout the year and you know where you have to be at all times, when as a driver what I like is to race."

He added:

"It’s what I did when I was little, what I’m passionate about, but you know that in F1, everything around it is part of the sport. It is the least positive [aspect]. Ideally, I would just drive. But it is not possible.”

Max Verstappen's current contract will take him to the end of the 2028 F1 season.

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