Lewis Hamilton: What F1 records does he hold?

F1 Grand Prix of Turkey
F1 Grand Prix of Turkey - Lewis Hamilton wins in Turkey (Photo by Peter Fox/Getty Images)

Lewis Hamilton is one of the most successful drivers in the sport's history. In fact, his only real point of comparison is the great Michael Schumacher, who Hamilton has surpassed in recent times.

Due to Lewis Hamilton's exceptional performance and Mercedes' dominant presence in Formula 1 since 2014, it was widely anticipated that the British driver would surpass Michael Schumacher's record of 91 race wins. As expected, Hamilton achieved this feat at the 2020 Portuguese Grand Prix.

By the end of the 2021 season, Hamilton had secured an additional 12 wins, bringing his total Grand Prix victories to 103 from 317 starts. Nevertheless, when considering the percentage of wins in relation to starts, Hamilton (32.49%) is fourth on the all-time list led by Argentine legend Juan Manuel Fangio (47.06%).

Hamilton holds the record for the most career points by a single person with a whopping 4,492.50 points over the course of his illustrious F1 career. The Mercedes driver also has the most pole positions of any driver in the sport - with 103. While it has been a while since Hamilton won his last race (Saudi Arabian GP 2021), he is working tirelessly to dethrone Red Bull's Max Verstappen.

Since becoming a part of Mercedes in 2013, Lewis Hamilton has experienced a remarkable streak of triumphs. His win at the 2020 Turkish Grand Prix marked a significant milestone as he surpassed yet another record previously held by Schumacher, becoming the driver with the most victories for a single team.

Lewis Hamilton's records continued

Out of Hamilton's impressive tally of 103 wins, 82 have been achieved while driving for the Silver Arrows, surpassing Schumacher's record of 72 victories with Ferrari. Hamilton's triumph in Istanbul also secured his seventh World Championship, placing him on par with Schumacher at the pinnacle of Formula 1's historical rankings.

The British driver also holds the record for the most consecutive race starts with 265 and the most races with a single constructor - with 207. Lewis Hamilton also holds the record for the most number of podium finishes with an amazing 193 podiums.

Hamilton has scored points in 275 races so far, giving him the record ahead of his old teammate Fernando Alonso (238). The Briton holds the record for the most consecutive points finishes in the sport (48) and also holds the record for the most consecutive points scored (998).

Hamilton has also led the most laps by a single driver in F1, 5,447. It will be interesting to see if Mercedes can provide him with a car capable of winning even more races and championships in the coming years.

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