How much does Max Verstappen make?

Max Verstappen. (Photo by Kamran Jebreili - Pool/Getty Images)
Max Verstappen. (Photo by Kamran Jebreili - Pool/Getty Images)

Max Verstappen is the toast of the F1 world right now. From ardent fans of motorsport to casual followers of the series, everyone can only talk about Verstappen's heroics in 2021.

The newly-anointed F1 drivers' world champion, Max Verstappen, is winning both on and off the grid.

As reported widely at the start of the season, Verstappen was the second-highest paid driver on the F1 grid in 2021. With an annual salary of $25 million, Verstappen was only behind seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Now, as world champion, his stock is surely bound to rise to newer echelons. One wouldn't be surprised if this also sees Verstappen get a sizeable bump on his salary for next season.

In addition to securing the bag from his team, Verstappen also has a host of sponsors, all of whom will be mightily pleased with their man given his performances this season.

Verstappen has been in an advantageous position concerning endorsements, mainly due to his loyal fan known the world over as the ‘orange army’.

Wearing orange t-shirts and capes at all his races, turning stands orange with flares and flags, their support for Verstappen makes him a very attractive prospect for a multitude of brands.

This season, his primary sponsors have been, G-Star Raw, Jumbo Supermarkets, Ziggo as well as Red Bull.

One should note that there is no official information about how much he earns from these endorsements but one can always venture a guess.

Max Verstappen and Red Bull are here to stay

The dust hasn't even settled after a rip-roaring finish to the 2021 F1 season but Max Verstappen and Red Bull are setting their sights towards more already.

After the race a jubilant Verstappen had this to say about his relationship with Red Bull:

"It's insane ... can we do this for another 10 or 15 years together?"

Max Verstappen is very keen to continue with Red Bull and build on the foundation they have created together this season. Christian Horner too will want to see his Red Bull side win the constructors' world championship after falling short to Mercedes this season.

With an ace like Verstappen at the helm, Christian Horner can rest easy for now before the new season gets underway next year.

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